“Found” by Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks’ “Found” is a bit confusing to be honest, not in its delivery – which is admittedly quite tender – but in wording. That is to say that there are so many diverse topics/metaphors in the lyrics that when putting them all together, they don’t necessarily make congruent sense. 

This is especially true if you go into this piece with the foreknowledge that Jacob Banks’ inspiration for writing “Found” was actually the death of his grandmother. And yes, he does touch upon the concept of aging in the second through fourth verses. But if anything, the way the associated lyrics read kinda give the impression that the addressee is a romantic interest, and the vocalist is trying to convince her to get on-board sooner rather than later, or something like that. 

Or that would probably be our conclusion if we didn’t know this work’s aforementioned background. But taking all knowledge into consideration, what Jacob may be saying is that in the aftermath of said familial loss, what he “found” was an increased sense of “love”. And we would further go on to postulate that such is manifest via the vocalist wanting to expeditiously score a soulmate, i.e. realizing that we’re only given a limited time to love, so to speak.

Lyrics to "Found" by Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks is a singer who spent his early childhood in Nigeria but, more importantly as far as music career is concerned, spent later years in the UK. He has been professionally active since the early-aughts. And even though to date Banks hasn’t dropped many notable hits, his music has been featured in quite a few pop media franchises such Power (2016), Suits (2018) and a couple of EA Sports’ FIFA games (’15 and ’19). This is in addition to the vocalist having built up a notable fanbase. 

But for the record, the most notable track in his discography appears to be a collaboration with a Norwegian duo entitled “What Do You Love”. This song did in fact blow up in Norway but not really anywhere else. Then there is also “Unknown (To You)“.

Jacob Banks released five EPs between 2013 and 2021 as well as a studio album, Village, in 2018. 


This track came out via Interscope Records on 12 March 2021. The song appears on Banks’ fifth EP, tiled “For My Friends”. 

The vocalist wrote and co-produced the song himself. The other producer of the song is another British artist called Sillkey.


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