“Baptize Me” by X Ambassadors & Jacob Banks

This track centers on the singer asking someone to “baptize” him. He sees such an action as part of his personal progress, as he has been “praying for redemption” and “learning (his) lessons”. And this desired baptism will ultimately “set (him) free”.

What can be extracted from “Baptize Me” in general is that the subject of the song is going through a pretty trying chapter in his life. But his goal is not to run away from the challenges and pains which besiege him. Rather he is trying to learn from them and come out a better person as a result. In fact he states that his “pain is (his) therapy”. And apparently he sees this baptism which he is calling for as the defining moment which will get him from point A to point B.

Appearance on “Game of Thrones”

This song is featured on the soundtrack of the hit television show “Game of Thrones”. And accordingly, it has been theorized that “Baptize Me” is actually based on the story of a character from that program.  And in that regard, fans have concluded that this would most likely be one by the name of Theon Greyjoy. FYI, in the second season of the show, Theon was actually “baptized in the name of the Drowned God” during the second season of the show. However, most of the lyrics likely allude to the humiliating captivity Theon subsequently went through, which ultimately resulted in him developing into a stronger and braver person.

"Baptize Me" lyrics

Facts about “Baptize Me”

  • “Baptize Me” was written by Ricky Reed in conjunction with three members of the X Ambassadors (Sam Harris, Casey Harris and Adam Levine).  Ricky Reed and the X Ambassadors also produced the track.
  • “Baptize Me” was dropped on April 26th, 2019 through multiple record labels, including Columbia and Interscope Records. 
  • The vocals on the track are handled by Sam Harris and British-Nigerian singer Jacob Banks.
  • This is the fifth song on the playlist of the album “For the Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones)”.

Before “Baptize Me”, had Jacob Banks ever worked with X Ambassadors?

No. This was the first collaboration between Jacob and X Ambassadors.

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