Meaning of “Love In The Dark” by Adele

“Love In The Dark” says a lot, even though it isn’t very detailed. The listener can go about trying to figure out what it is exactly that has put a wedge between the vocalist and addressee, who read as if they are spouses or in the very least lovers in a very deepened relationship. 

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But more to the point is the former having come to the unapologetic decision to bounce, despite understanding that doing so will distress the other party.

Song’s Title

The title of the song is said to be indicative of Adele’s emotional stance. It has been reported that she derived the metaphor “love in the dark” from Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 classic “Total Eclipse of the Heart“.  But even if that’s true, it really doesn’t make it any easier to conclusively understand what that phrase is supposed to mean.

Nonetheless, the lyrical presentation as a whole does an effective job of relaying the vocalist’s resolve to end her relationship with the addressee. What is overtly stated in terms of her rationale in that regard is that Adele feels if they have grown “oceans apart”. That’s another way of saying that the two of them simply can’t vibe anymore, i.e. not having any type of rapport. Or as the songstress even more bluntly puts it, she isn’t in love with partner any longer.

It can be argued as to whether or not those are valid reasons to end a long-term romance. But to reiterate, the vocalist is concurrently noting that she has now reached a point where she’s resolved to go in that direction, no more questions asked. 

Or as implied in the chorus, Adele had already come to this conclusion some time ago yet stuck around for the sake of the addressee’s emotional wellbeing.  But now, she is not going to allow herself to take his broken heart into consideration any longer.

“I can’t love you in the dark
It feels like we’re oceans apart
There is so much space between us
Baby, we’re already defeated
Ah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, everything changed me”

Release Date for “Love In The Dark”

“Love In The Dark” was released on the 20th of November, 2015. It is the 8th track on Adele’s “25” album, which was released as her 3rd studio album. The following record labels were responsible for its release:

  • XL Recordings
  • Columbia Records

How Many Singles Were Released From the “25” Album?

Four songs from the “25” album were released as singles. They are:


“When We Were Young”

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

“Water Under the Bridge”


Adele and Samuel Dixon, a record producer and songwriter based in London, share writing credits for the song. Dixon is solely credited with its production. 

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