“Strange Girl” by Halestorm

Halestorm is a musical act fronted by Lzzy Hale who, just based on the grounds of being a female hard rock vocalist alone, would be considered by many a “strange girl”. Indeed, musical acts like this one often adopt a counter-cultural persona as part of their marketing strategy, if you will. And just looking at Lzzy when she’s on stage will give the viewer the impression that she’s far from your mainstream babe.

In this song, it can be taken that she’s sorta taunting those who are intimidated by her image and actions. But what’s really going on here is that the vocalist is venting frustration towards those who judge her. And the way Lzzy is mocking naysayers, so to speak, is by letting them know that no matter how much they may lambast her, she will not be defeated.

Yes, as implied in the third verse, such treatment does impact her emotionally, with the singer apparently preferring to be accepted – as we all do really – with love. But that said, she recognizes that the “world needs strange girls” – or perhaps let’s say hard chicks – like herself. And therefore Hale has resolved that even though taking such a stance means she’ll never be accepted by the norm, she’s still going to keep doing her thing.

Lyrics for Halestorm's "Strange Girl"

When did Halestorm release “Strange Girl”?

“Strange Girl” is one of the songs to be found on Halestorm’s “Back from the Dead” album. The album itself was launched on the 6th of May, 2022. And since “Strange Girl” wasn’t one of the singles of the album, it shares the same release date as the album.

“Back from the Dead”, which is the fifth studio album of the band’s career, was promoted by these singles:

Did Lzzy Hale write this song?

Yes, she did. However, she didn’t compose the entire song all by herself. In composing it, she worked with one Scott Stevens. By virtue of that, both she and Scott share the track’s writing credits.

Scott’s name also appears in the list of the track’s production credits. This is because he co-produced “Strange Girl” with famous American record producer, Nick Raskulinecz.

Strange Girl


“Strange Girl” is listed as the third track on “Back from the Dead”. It has a total run-time of 3 minutes and 42 seconds, making it the longest track on the album.

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