“Gimme Gimme” by NCT 127

At times it can be a bit challenging analyzing songs from the other parts of the world, such as these increasingly-popular K-pop tunes. That is to say that certain meanings may get lost in translation. And some English phrases which may mean one thing to the singer and primary audience may come off as sounding unorthodox to say someone living in the Western world. 

Or rather let’s say that for a native English speaker, if you focus too much on specific phrases, you may miss out on what is being relayed overall. So even though we may not be able to break NCT’s “Gimme Gimme” down to its minute lyrics, we can understand what is being put forth overall.

For instance we all know that “gimme gimme” (i.e. ‘give me give me’) is an expression of strong want. And what it is that the singer desires is the love of the addressee. In other words, it is safe to say this is a love song. And yes, there are some wild lyrics being dropped throughout. For instance, we have references to the likes of “spicy disease”, “king’s crown” and “dead clowns”. 

And the homeys also give a shoutout to “dope sound” and the such, with the track additionally featuring a subtheme pointing to NCT’s proficiency as musicians. But again, the narrative is for the most part based on the singer’s romantic feelings for the addressee.

“Gimme Gimme”

Indeed you may notice that “gimme gimme” isn’t the type of expression any adult would use, regardless of how much they may want something. But said term is being utilized intentionally to point to the idea of the vocalist verily feening. He finds himself enraptured in his love for the addressee, to the extent that he is apparently concerned about how deeply in love he has fallen. 

In fact it can be argued, based on the band’s own assertion that “love is poison”, that the narrator is not even keen on the idea of falling head over heels. But Cupid has caught him smack dab in the heart nonetheless. Owing to this, he has no choice but to beg for his sweetheart’s affection, if need be.

Lyrics of "Gimme Gimme"


So all in all, what we have with “Gimme Gimme” is a song themed on unquenchable love. This story has already been told more times than we can count, via innumerable musicians. But NCT 127 has gone about putting their own unique spin on this age-old narrative. And they do so by basically presenting themselves as men who cannot properly function without the love of their significant other. And this is despite simultaneously recognizing the dangers of such emotional dependency.

Facts about “Gimme Gimme”

NCT 127 is a subgroup of a larger K-pop boy band known as NCT (aka Neo Culture Technology). And as of the release of this track on 14 February 2021 (which was Valentine’s Day), NCT 127 itself is 10-men deep.

Nine members of the crew (Doyoung, Haechan, Jaehyun, Johnny, Jungwoo, Mark, Taeil, Taeyong and Yuta) participated in the recording of this track. (The only one that didn’t is Winwin.) And they debuted the song via a live performance on a long-running Japanese music show called Count Down TV (aka CDTV).

Popular artists from that part of the world tend to be multilingual, as there are a couple of big music markets out there which respectively speak different languages. And this particular track is rendered partially in Japanese. In fact it is a feature on (and lead single from) “Loveholic”, a primarily Japanese language mini-album (i.e. EP) which also came out on the abovementioned date, via a Tokyo-based label known as Avex Trax.

This track was teased, via major South Korean label SM Entertainment (another company NCT works for), on 13 February, a few days before its official release.

The fandom of NCT is known as NCTzen. And such individuals have been helping to promote this song via the hashtag #Gimmegimme_outnow.

“Gimme Gimme” was written by a Japanese musician known as MEG.ME. And it was produced by a Korean songwriter named Kenzie. Kenzie produced this track with a pair of K-pop musicians based in Sweden known as Moonshine (Jonatan Gusmark and Ludvig Evers).

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