“Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll” by The Killers

On the surface, the lyrics of “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll” may read like The Killers are biggin’ up the indie rock scene. But apparently, concluding such is a misinterpretation of the lyrics. Rather they are more or less making fun of the culture which surrounds that particular genre. Or more to the point, certain people tried to pigeonhole the band into the aforementioned category earlier in their career. And it is basically such individuals whom the singer, in a roundabout way, is lashing out against.

Lizard King Records released this track on 7 June 2004. It is part of The Killers’ first album, “Hot Fuss”. However, it is not on the standard playlist of that project but rather on certain special releases of it as issued in the following regions:

  • UK
  • US
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Japan

The writing of “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll” is individually credited to the members of The Killers, a band that consists of the following musicians:

  • Brandon Flowers
  • Dave Keuning
  • Mark Stoermer
  • Ronnie Vannucci Jr. 

And Flowers, the frontman of the group, has expressed disdain for this track. It is not exactly clear why.

The Killers, as a unit, also produced the tune, working in that regard alongside Jeff Saltzman.

This song, though not a mega hit, did appear on three different Billboard charts in the US.

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