“Glory” by Lil Wayne

“Glory” reads like a freestyle not in the purest sense of the word but along the lines of him being primarily focused with displaying his unparalleled lyrical skills as opposed to trying to stick to one topic per se. But generally speaking, the lyrics are braggadocious in nature. They basically seek to display various ways, using numerous metaphors, in which Tunechi is superior to his competitors. This is evident by his professed cashflow and street toughness, amongst other things. Indeed that’s the general idea which the title of track alludes to, that being Lil Wayne’s “glory”.

“Glory” was originally released by Young Money Entertainment back in July of 2015 as part of an album called “FWA (Free Weezy Album)” by Lil Wayne. At that time it was only available via the Tidal streaming platform. However, in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the project, Wayne re-released “FWA”, this time across a multitude of streaming sites, in July 2020. Said project also features the track “Post Bail Ballin“.

Concurrently Wayne dropped a music video for this track.

“Glory” was composed exclusively by Wayne. And its exclusive producers are Avenue Beatz, Infamous and Onhel.

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