“Good Days” by SZA

This song isn’t your standard ‘getting over the past and looking forward to the future’ kind of fare. After all this is SZA we’re talking about. And the tune, which is fundamentally about her overcoming a toxic romance, even features Biblical references.  It also gets quite philosophical near the end, with the singer espousing a live-in-the-present type of disposition. Indeed the way she puts it bygones are bygones, and for an individual to live in the past as opposed to facing the present is basically an act of vanity.  And as such she conscientiously keeps a positive disposition, believing that “good days” still lie ahead despite the unfavorability of the past.

RCA Records and Top Dawg Entertainment finally released this track on 25 December 2020. This was after Sza had begun teasing it in July of that year. The biggest teasing came in September 2020. This was when she featured a snippet of it on the music video for her song “Hit Different“, which was the only other single she released in 2020.

Good Days was a mild hit. It did well very well in New Zealand in addition to appearing on the UK Singles Chart.

Sza wrote the track with producers Los Hendrix and Carter Lang. The other producer is Nascent, and the other co-writers are Christopher Ruelas and Jacob Collier. And the latter artist also provides additional vocals to the tune.

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