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SZA is not known to be dating anyone at the moment, i.e. at the release of “Nobody Gets Me”. In fact according to her documented dating history, the only two men she had ever been involved with was Drake – for a very short time way back in the day. Even prior to that, she was associated with a non-celebrity named Scott Sasso. And it may be her relationship with Sasso upon which this track is based.

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Or in any event, SZA has revealed that this piece was inspired by her romance with a man she was actually engaged to. Further research reveals that the songstress was at one point set to be married, to someone she dated for a whopping 11 years, prior to the release of her album “CTRL” in 2017. 

So it may well be this selfsame Sasso, though obviously the situation isn’t such that she is not compelled to make the name of her most-meaningful ex public. But whether it’s him or not, it was this individual, i.e. the addressee of the song, whom SZA still believes ‘got her’, i.e. understood her, in a way that virtually no one else does.

So such is the assertion which lies at the thesis sentiment of this track, i.e. the vocalist letting the addressee know that ‘nobody gets her’, but ‘he does’. And again, she is making this statement against the backdrop of the two of them breaking up.

It was my fault

For someone who is in her feelings accordingly, SZA does get quite honest in admitting that if she were the addressee, she too wouldn’t be inclined to take a woman like herself back. What it is she has done in that regard which is so grievous is not specified. 

But the vocalist does admit going out “on the road”, seemingly shortly after she and the addressee got engaged, with her boo resultantly being left “feeling empty”. 

So one solid clue implied here is that this all transpired around the time SZA was blowing up. And she also, in a roundabout way, admits to hooking up with other dudes. However, it isn’t abundantly clear if her affairs were before or after officially parting ways with the addressee. But the logical implication would be the former.

So all things considered, this narrative is indicative of one of the major sacrifices SZA made in the name of achieving superstardom. But as for losing the man she loved in the process, if such is indeed the case, then by the looks of things that may be one loss she will never completely get over.

SZA's "Nobody Gets Me" Lyrics

SZA talks about “Nobody Gets Me”

SZA has stated categorically that this song is about her relationship with her ex-fiancé. According to her, it sheds light on all the challenges and arguments they had that eventually led to the relationship’s demise.

She further revealed that she felt like she was cast into everlasting hell when the relationship ended. And why? This is because the relationship meant the world to her. Furthermore, her ex-fiancé was a very special person in her life who understood her the way nobody ever understood her. She also revealed how nobody had the ability to motivate her like the way he did.

Owing to this, when the relationship ended, she felt utterly lost and broken.

When did SZA release this song?

This track came out on 9 December 2022 as part of “SOS”, SZA’s long-waited follow-up to her debut studio album, 2017’s “Ctrl”. And as with her first LP, this project is also supported by Top Dawg Entertainment, who signed the songstress back in 2013, alongside RCA Records, a label that has now been around for almost a century.

Credits for “Nobody Gets Me”

On the same day as the release of SOS came a music video to “Nobody Gets Me”, the 14th track (out of 23) on its playlist, which was filmed in NYC and assembled by director Bradley J. Calder.

The producers of this track, Carter Lang and Benny Blanco, also get songwriting credit alongside co-authors SZA, Robin Weisse and Rob Bisel.

Nobody Gets Me

Fans’ Thoughts

The story in “Nobody Gets Me” is a rather relatable one, of still having feelings for someone after ending things. Many of us have been in that position at least once in our lives, and SZA’s fans are not any different.

One fan covered their face in shame while listening to this track as it reminded them of an ex while facing the same predicament, despite being done wrong to.

Another fan expressed that “Nobody Gets Me” is beautiful and heartfelt as it’s one of the singer’s most personal, raw and honest tracks on the album. Noting that it could be about her ex-fiance and the feelings she still shares for him. This fan goes on to mention how SZA’s deliverance of the song is filled with emotions.

On the note of SZA’s choice of melody, another listener shared that it reminded them of the guitar pop rock ballads from the 2000s, which gives off a nostalgic feel that makes it appropriate for the theme of this track.

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