Meaning of “Slime You Out” by Drake (ft. SZA)

To begin with, I must say that Drake didn’t disappoint with “Slime You Out”! On the other hand, SZA continuously astonishes with her sublime verses in every track she graces, consistently bringing a depth of emotion and raw talent that captures listeners instantly. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with the captivating harmonies she crafts. Pairing her undeniable skill with Drake’s powerful vocal presence has resulted in a collaboration that is nothing short of magical.

Their voices not only complement each other but meld seamlessly, crafting a rich tapestry of sound that feels both fresh and intimately familiar. It’s the duo we never knew we were missing, yet now that we have it, it feels utterly essential. This song stands as a modern day ode to love, offering a narrative that many will find relatable, perhaps seeing their own experiences reflected in the poignant lyrics and emotive delivery.

What makes this song a masterpiece is not just the individual talents of Drake and SZA, both of whom have unique, recognizable sounds that have earned them places at the forefront of the music industry. It’s the way those distinctive sounds come together, harmonizing perfectly to create a piece of art that is larger than the sum of its parts, a musical experience that is truly transcendent.

Their synergistic blending crafts an auditory experience that is not just good, but evocative and deeply moving, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Lyrics of “Slime You Out”

In the intro, Drake seems to be expressing frustration with “girls” he perceives as needing too much guidance and control in their lives. He mentions feeling as though these individuals require someone to micro-manage them, tell them right from wrong, and even instruct them on basic things like which utensil to use for which food.

He shows a bit of an egotistical perspective here, saying he doesn’t have time to provide this level of oversight.

Verse 1 by Drake

In the first verse, Drake continues his vent, saying that the women in question make mistakes and then expect him to stay with them. He speaks on his own anger and uses harsh words to describe how they’ve treated him, implying that he feels used and manipulated. Towards the end of this verse, he introduces SZA, suggesting she will share her side or opinion on the matter.

Verse 2 by SZA

In SZA’s verse, we see her retaliating against men who have falsely presented themselves, lying about their intentions and actions. SZA exhibits a strong personality here, calling out dishonesty and not holding back in expressing her dissatisfaction with the experiences she’s had. She showcases her self-worth, making it clear she won’t tolerate being treated poorly.

Refrains (The Meaning of “Slime You Out”)

In the refrains by both Drake and SZA, the phrase “slimin’ you out” is repeated. This seems to represent calling out and rejecting manipulative behavior. Both are saying they won’t let the other person get away with deceitful actions.

Verse 3 by Drake

In Drake’s third verse, he outlines a turbulent relationship that goes through ups and downs each month. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions with instances of betrayal, indecision, and an attempt to rekindle the relationship by the end of the year. He conveys a sense of exhaustion from the relationship’s constant cycles of break-ups and make-ups.


Lastly, in the outro, Drake seems to reach a point of frustration where he’s almost rambling, displaying a deep discontent and mistrust. He talks about the extravagance and caution in his life, referring to his wealth and the need for bodyguards. He hints at the idea that he doesn’t find the conversation with the other person to be fully honest or straightforward, ending with the notion that he might stop helping them financially.

Each section of the lyrics explores different facets of relationships and depicts a narrative of frustration, mistrust, and manipulation. “Slime You Out” portrays complex relationships where both parties feel misrepresented and hurt, leading to a toxic cycle of accusations and resentment.

It’s an extremely raw and candid look at troubled relationships in the modern world, with both Drake and SZA not holding back in their expressions of anger and disillusion.

The Long and Short of “Slime You Out”

“Slime You Out” finds Drake and SZA discussing complex and toxic relationships. Drake starts off frustrated, feeling manipulated and criticizing his partner’s actions. SZA retorts with her own grievances, accusing her partner of dishonesty and underperformance.

The song navigates through a turbulent year of ups and downs, highlighting distrust and disappointment in their relationships. Towards the end, Drake expresses regret and a loss of patience. The repetitive phrase “slimin’ you out” emphasizes their intention to call out and reject deceptive behaviors.

“I’m slimin’ you out
I’m slimin’ you out
Oh-woah, woah”
Slime You Out

Is “Slime You Out” the first time Drake is collaborating with SZA?

Yes. This song is actually marked the first time that Drake officially worked with SZA.

Who are the writers of this song?

Drake and SZA both receive writing credits on “Slime You Out”. So do the following:

  • BNYX®
  • Grant Lapointe
  • Noel Cadastre
  • 40
  • C. Powell

When was “Slime You Out” released?

This song was released globally on the 15th of September, 2023. It is one of the singles from Drake’s eighth studio album titled “For All the Dogs”.

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