Grace VanderWaal’s “Moonlight” Lyrics Meaning

Most of the songs Grace VanderWaal wrote earlier in her career were not based on her real life per se.  However in “Moonlight”, she is actually singing about someone she knows personally. And the topic of the song is the depression this person was going through.

More specifically, the narrative of “Moonlight” is based on a young lady associated with the singer who basically fronts like she is okay even though mentally she is not. This is the selfsame individual who, earlier in their relationship, Grace was enamored by her liveliness. But now, whereas others may not be able to perceive that the girl is depressed, VanderWaal does. In fact she is concerned that her friend may even “break” due to the mental pressure she is under.

So there are basically two sentiments the songstress is putting forth via this track. One is implicitly sympathizing with the psychological ailment her friend is suffering from. But the prevailing feeling is that Grace misses how lively her friend used to be. Put differently, it’s depressing her that her friend is depressed. So she longs to assists her in reclaiming the infectious vivacity which made the both of them feel as if they were “dancing in the moonlight”. And on a more-positive note, VanderWaal has stated that the particular person she is singing about in this song has since recovered.

Lyrics of "Moonlight"

Release Date of “Moonlight”

Columbia Records in partnership with Simon Cowell’s Syco Records released “Moonlight” on 20 June 2017. It was one of the two singles from Grace’s 2017 maiden album entitled Just the Beginning. “So Much More Than This” is that album’s second single.

Music Video

The music video to “Moonlight”, which was directed by Blythe Thomas, was the first official music video Grace VanderWaal’s musical career produced.

First Live Performance of “Moonlight”

And the first time Grace performed this tune live was on 23 June 2017 (three days after its official release). The performance took place at the VidCon online-video conference in California, United States.

Did Grace VanderWaal write “Moonlight”?

Yes. The song was produced and co-written by writer/producer Ido Zmishlany, with the other co-writer being a 13-year old VanderWaal.

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  1. Jackie Tunberg, Lincoln, NE says:

    Be sure to let our Grace have free reign on her creativity. We love her for her uniqueness and I hope the music industry doesn’t try to ruin that for her. She is one in a trillion and her fans know that. We adore her and have her back. She is our little genius in the music world

  2. Sebina says:

    I really love her

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