“Waste My Time” by Grace VanderWaal

The premise of “Waste My Time” is apparently the young singer (Grace VanderWaal) being a participant in a romance, though the featured relationship can also be interpreted as a close friendship. And the person whom she is addressing is the other participant, i.e. her boy lover.

The reason “Waste My Time” most likely refers to a romance is that, on top of this person having already told Grace that he loves her, she is already anticipating an eventual breaking up, as in their association coming to an end. This conclusion is based on her acknowledging that they are both young, and eventually either their feelings will change, or life will draw them apart.

She also understands that being able to foretell such is naturally a cause for alarm. That is to say that VanderWaal should perhaps be cautious, as in not vesting too much emotion and energy into a relationship she knows will not last. However, she has decided to operate against this conventional wisdom and instead live in and enjoy the moment. Or as the title puts it somewhat sarcastically, the singer has opted to consciously ‘waste her time’, as in commit herself to engaging in activities in the present, in the name of fun and love, that she is convinced will prove worthless in the future.

So succinctly put, this is a song espousing an ideology tantamount to living in the moment. It is conveyed from the perspective of a youthful singer who is not supporting this idea, as some of her older peers would, in the name of doing anything over-the-top, potentially self-destructive or even sensual. Instead she is apparently in love and just wants to enjoy the relationship, primarily from a social standpoint, even though she is mature enough to know that it will not be a long-term endeavor. For she is also able to perceive that life is short and accordingly concludes that opportunities like this must be capitalized upon.

Lyrics of "Waste My Time"

Release Date of “Waste My Time”

“Waste My Time” was released as a standalone single on 9 August 2019. The track was issued along with its official music video. And despite it being directed by Blythe Thomas, the visual was conceptualized by 15-year old Grace VanderWaal.

Did Grace VanderWaal write “Waste My Time”?

Indeed Miss VanderWaal co-wrote and co-produced this song, along with Ido Zmishlany.

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