“Guns Blazing” by Eminem (ft. Sly Pyper & Dr. Dre)

The lyrics of “Guns Blazing” are actually aimed at the romantic interests of the rappers who, as the title implies, the vocalists have beef with. In Dre’s case the logical implication, at least to some extent, would be that he is rapping to his current wife, Nicole Young.  That is because at the time of the release of this track, the two of them are currently engaged in a well-publicized, messy divorce. And in the verse, he puts forth that his significant other is a gold-digger and that he has resolved to move on without her. 

Meanwhile it’s not clear who Eminem is speaking to, though he apparently refers to her as “Michelle”. But basically what he is saying is that she lost a good man by doing him wrong. And he is now taunting her for having to settle for a spouse who does not enjoy the same lofty status that he does.

Eminem produced this track with J.LBS. And both of them co-wrote the song in conjunction with Dre and Sly Pyper.

Eminem has collaborated on innumerable occasions with his mentor / label boss Dr. Dre.  And there are also a few other songs on “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B” which feature Pyper.

“Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”, the album from which this song is derived, came out on 18 December 2020. And it was put out by the following labels:

  • Aftermath Entertainment (Dr. Dre’s label)
  • Shady Records (Eminem’s label)
  • Interscope Records

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