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These Demons

“These Demons” by Eminem (ft. MAJ)

The sentiment behind Eminem’s “These Demons” is seemingly premised on how many people who criticize him are actually hypocrites. In other words, they want him to be uninhibited yet at the same time not to...


“Higher” by Eminem

The lyrics of “Higher” find Eminem meditating on his success. As you likely already know he is a well-accomplished musician – so much so that he is wondering if there is anything left to achieve. But...


Eminem’s “Discombobulated” Lyrics Meaning

Of course the title of this song (“Discombobulated”) alludes to Eminem’s mindframe. This reality is partially due to the fact that he’s smoking weed alongside long-time ally Dr. Dre. But beyond that being out of his...