Haim’s “Man From The Magazine” Lyrics Meaning

“Man from the Magazine” references real-life sexism the Haim girls face as part of the music industry not from their peers but those on the periphery. For instance, the first verse references a time when a male journalist tried to come on to Este Haim. In the process of doing so, the underlying implication of his statement was that whereas it is normal for male musicians to ‘make faces’ while performing live, for a female doing so was sort of an anomaly. That’s basically to say that he didn’t feel female artists should or could be as enraptured with their music as men. 

And the second verse speaks to how female musicians, when they walk into a guitar store, are always treated like amateurs or as if they’re shopping on behalf of a male. And this even goes for those as tenured as Haim. So the titular “man from the magazine” would actually be the aforementioned journalist. Overall he symbolizes the idea of women not being taken as seriously in rock music as men. And ultimately what the vocalists are saying is that yes, such incidences as those highlighted above does affect them emotionally.

Writing Credits

This track was written by the three sisters – Danielle, Alana and Este Haim – who make up the band. And Danielle produced the song alongside their normal musical collaborators Rostam and Ariel Rechtshaid.

Release Date of “Man from the Magazine”

“Man from the Magazine” came out on 26 June 2020. And it is from Haim’s album entitled “Women in Music Pt. III”.

Was this a single?

No. “Women in Music Pt. III” had only the following as its official singles:

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