“I Know Alone” by HAIM

As the track’s title (“I Know Alone”) suggests, the lyrics center on an all-encompassing sense of loneliness which the vocalist is experiencing. It was actually written and slated for release before the pandemic of 2020. But considering the resultant standards of quarantining and social distancing, which is even manifest in the music video, the song can take on a more-profound meaning. It can be determined that the reason the singer is feeling so is due to being isolated, as a result of the virus, from her friends.

But in terms of the lyrics themselves, whereas it can be determined that said loneliness is troublesome, it can also be said that the singer has made somewhat of a conscientious choice to be so. This idea comes across most-pointedly in the pre-chorus. In this passage, she insinuates that she is not privy to deeply socializing due to the potential of being disappointed – or perhaps we can say heartbroken – in the process. So it can be understood that her leanings towards being a solitary trooper is in response to some type of past interpersonal relationship issues. But conclusively, the thesis of the track is that at the moment she is not a very gregarious person.

Lyrics of "I Know Alone"

Facts about “I Know Alone”

The writers of “I Know Alone” are the Haim sisters – Danielle, Este and Alana. The trio composed the song alongside two of their regular collaborators Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam.

Rechtshaid, Danielle and Rostam also produced the track in conjunction with Buddy Ross.

This song was released by Columbia Records on 29 April 2020. Upon its release, it became the fifth single from Haim’s 2020 album, “Women in Music Pt. III”.

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