Haim’s “The Steps” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this Haim song is based on the vocalist’s assertion that she has been “taking the steps”. And the way that statement reads within the context of the story line presented is that she has been experiencing progress in her life. For example, later in the chorus she points out that the she’s been ‘making money for herself’. But the way the situation reads is as if she may have a romantic partner who is intimidated by her success and independence. Thus when she does make progress, issues develop in their relationship. 

But her disposition is sort of like even if they go in two separate directions, the strength of their love – so to speak – will keep them together regardless.  And even if it doesn’t, then apparently that’s how fate would have it. 

So conclusively this is in fact a love song. The primary sentiment the singer is putting for is discontent that her sweetheart does not fully understand her.  But either way, she definitely doesn’t come off as the type of lady to go out of her way to placate him.

Quick Facts about “The Steps”

“The Steps” was released by Columbia Records and Haim Productions Inc. on 3 March 2020. It is the fourth track that has been made public thus far from Haim’s third album, which is aptly named “Women in Music Pt. III”.

A. Haim, E. Haim, D. Haim, Rostam and Arielle Rechtshaid wrote “The Steps”.  And the latter three names on that list also produced the track.

Additionally D. Haim co-directed the song’s music video alongside on of the band’s regular collaborators, filmographer Paul Thomas Anderson.

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  1. Henner B. says:

    Dear Jessica,
    very interesting, yes, I agree (sorry my bad english …), but what about “all the ivy” “growing sideways” and “you” don´t stop it … What´s the meaning of this? What does “ivy” mean in this context? Things growing bad and cover all of the place, she needs? I am very curious in concern of this smale line. To me, poetic. Not easy to understand. You don´t understand me. But I would like to.

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