HAIM’s “Summer Girl” Lyrics Meaning

The genesis of this song can be traced back to one of its producers, Ariel Rechtshaid’s 2017 diagnose with cancer. Well he also happens to be the boyfriend of Danielle Haim, one of the three sisters who make up the band Haim (at least as of the release date of the song). So she began writing “Summer Girl” as a song designed to cheer him up. That is to say that she is presenting herself as Rechtshaid’s “summer girl”. And what this statement seems to be symbolic of is the singer being ever-ready to serve as his girlfriend and make him happy.

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But the depressive nature of the situation which spawned this track can be found in its lyrics also, specifically during the bridge. Here we find that two issues the addressee of this song is dealing with are “tears” and “fears”. He has been hurt and is afraid. The song does not specify the cause of these problems. However, in keeping with the main message of the track, Haim assures him that they are “beside” him and that he has their “unconditional love”.

The song also features some esoteric imagery, with the ladies referring to “angels coming down” and such similar things, specifically during the outro. It is not abundantly clear, within the overall context of the song, what this statement means. However, they also refer to the addressee of the song as “falling from the sky” during the second verse. Thus logically they would be equating him with an angel.

But overall, this is a song that is once again based on the concept of “unconditional”, ever-present love. It is clear from the onset that its addressee, i.e. Haim’s romantic interest, is in a vulnerable state. And as a result they are here to serve as his “summer girl”, which is a personification of their affection for and commitment to this individual. Moreover considering that the language used throughout is intentionally ambiguous, as in not pointing directly to the situation which spawned it, “Summer Girl” has a general applicability also. It can be relayed by any lady who feels this strongly about her guy, specifically during the summer season if you will.

Release Date of “Summer Girl”

Haim first teased this song, using only the initials “SG”, via Instagram on 16 July 2019. It was later released on 31 July 2019 by Columbia Records in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment.

They then debuted the song the following day, 17 July 2019, at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles.

Does “Summer Girl” contain any samples?

“Summer Girl” samples a 1972 song by Lou Reed entitled “Walk on the Wild Side”.

Music Video

The music video to “Summer Girl” was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Who wrote “Summer Girl”?

Below is the full list of the songwriters who contributed writing to “Summer Girl”:

  •  Lou Reed
  • Rostam
  • Ariel Rechtshaid
  • Alana Haim
  • Este Haim
  • Danielle Haim

 Danielle Haim and Ariel Rechtshaid produced this track with Rostam.

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