“Black Hearted” by Polo G

What we know is that Polo G is “black hearted”. Such a designation commonly means that the individual it is ascribed to lacks sympathy towards other human beings. We can also tell, by the lyrics, that this modus operandi is manifest in Polo’s life via the rapper for instance not being keen on romance and also ever-ready to whip out the gat.

So then the question becomes why does he possess such a disposition? And there may be some clues to answer that inquiry within the song also. For instance, we can see that life has taught G not to trust anyone. This is especially true in a setting such as the streets, where trusting the wrong individual can cost someone like Polo his freedom or even his life. 

Also it seems he came up in such a manner where being predispositioned towards romance is not the norm. And overall it’s not really cool to be too free with others. So instead of being the open type, Polo instead ‘fakes smiles’ and keeps his “hurt inside” so that fans cannot perceive his weaknesses, if you will.

Also, as far as his livelihood goes, it would appear the vocalist’s main aspiration is to generate significant amounts of income. So it’s like all of the above makes him “black hearted” – the reluctance to open up due to trust issues, the related hard reality of surviving on the street and of course the hardcore paper chase.

Lyrics for "Black Hearted" by Polo G

Polo G

Polo G is representative of what we would perhaps term the third generation of Chicago rappers, alongside the likes of Lil Durk and the late King Von. And this particular track, which came out on 11 June 2021, is from the Deluxe edition of his third album, “Hall of Fame”, which is a product of Columbia Records.

Polo G’s previous two albums were 2019’s “Die a Legend” and 2020’s “The Goat”. The sophomore performed better than the debut, breaking the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, in addition to accomplishing the same feat on the UK Singles Chart. And it would appear that “Hall of Fame” will continue Polo’s progression towards superstardom. For instance, its lead single, “Rapstar“, was one of his most-successful yet, being his first to top the Billboard Hot 100, on top of achieving platinum certification via the RIAA.

At the time of the release of “Black Hearted”, Polo G is 22 years of age. His discography dates back to 2018, when he would have been in his late teens.

Black Hearted

“Black Hearted” Credits

“Black Hearted” was written exclusively by Polo G. And its producers are Aidan Han and Mikey Beats.

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