“Hell Yeah” by Little Big Town 

Phillip Sweet, co-writer and primary vocalist of this track, described “Hell Yeah” as a heartbreak song. However, it differs from your average heartbreak song since according to Philip, it is the “feel-good” kind. That is to say that it is premised on the singer being, as revealed in the second verse, in a state in which thoughts of the addressee are constantly plaguing him. Said addressee would logically be a romantic interest, i.e. his ex. And the reason the vocalist is caught up in his feelings, as implied in the first verse, would apparently be because they broke up under less than ideal circumstances, i.e. him being dumped.

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But where the aforementioned feel-good aspect comes into play has to deal with how Phillip is handling the matter. Instead of ‘sitting around’ moping or feeling sorry for himself, he is making a conscientious effort to lively up himself, most notably via clubbing, i.e. dancing and boozing on the weekends. 

So conclusively, even though the vocalist is indeed “going through” an emotional “hell”, he’s doing the best he knows how to prevent such a disposition from overtaking over his soul.

Little Big Town, "Hell Yeah" Lyrics

Little Big Town

Little Big Town is a group of country music vocalists who traces their group origin back to a city in Alabama known as Homewood.

This is a quartet made up of the following musicians:

  • Kimberly Schlapman
  • Karen Fairchild
  • Jimi Westbrook
  • Phillip Sweet

The group has been together since 1998 and to date they have released nine studio albums, the most recent being 2020’s “Nightfall”. And as an interesting side note, Westbrook wed Fairchild in 2006.

When did Little Big Town release “Hell Yeah”?

The Universal Music Group, presumably via its subsidiary, Capitol Records Nashville (whom Little Big Town has been signed to since 2008), released this track on 11 April 2022. That was also the same day upon which the quartet debuted “Hell Yeah”, during the CMT Music Awards.

Who wrote “Hell Yeah”?

Westbrook and Sweet co-wrote this song with Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard. (The latter being part of another famous country music act called Florida Georgia Line). The entirety of Little Big Town produced the track.

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