“Dancin’ In the Country” by Tyler Hubbard

“Dancin’ In the Country” is a dance song but one in which, unlike the usual, is not set inside of a club. Instead, premise-wise we are met with a situation where the singer and his sweetheart are initially in such a setting, albeit one that is too crowded for Tyler’s liking. 

So he decides to take her out “in the country”, i.e. on a backroad somewhere and get to dancing there. So it appears that the music they’re enjoying in the process is that of legendary country music acts “Alabama” and “Jackson” Browne, whom the vocalist seemingly gives a shoutout to. 

The logical implication is that said tunes are being emitted from his vehicle which, since this is a country song, is most likely a truck. And the two of them end up getting intimately close, to the point of granting the vocalist the desire to jump the addressee “down here in the pasture”, thus making this sort of a love song also.

That said, as explained by Hubbard, the genesis of this piece is founded in nightly, after-dinner dance parties that he enjoys with this wife and children. And this particular song is one that reportedly all of them have grown a liking to, i.e. a number that does in fact encourage them to boogie.

Tyler Hubbard, "Dancin' In the Country" Lyrics

“Dancin’ in the Country”

“Dancin’ in the Country” is the title track from Tyler Hubbard’s debut EP.  This is a musician who, up until this point, is primarily known as part of a singing duo called Florida Georgia Line and only recently decided to go solo. 

To note: the first single from the EP, a song called “5 Foot 9“, did manage to break the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Tyler Hubbard had a hand in both writing and producing this track, which was released on 19 August 2022 via EMI Records Nashville and Hubbard House Records. In the latter sense he worked with Jordan Schmidt and in the former, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Keith Urban, who is also an established country singer.

Dancin' In the Country

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