Tyler Hubbard’s “5 Foot 9” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this track (“5 Foot 9”) is actually an allusion to the height of Tyler Hubbard’s wife, who is given an indirect shoutout in the chorus. But with that noted, what we’re dealing here, most simply explained, is a praise song, one in which the vocalist is acknowledging God as being the source of “the good stuff” we find in life. And in the second verse, Tyler reiterates that the way he mostly feels blessed from on high is through his relationship with his significant other.

Beyond that, “5 foot 9” reads a lot like your quintessential country song. In other words, when such musicians get to celebrating what they enjoy about being alive, almost inevitably, as in this case, they’ll be references to small-town living, trucks and alcohol. 

Indeed, whereas rap music for instance is a genre which tends to celebrate the finer things in life, in a way country is the opposite, whereas artists rather appreciate simpler pleasures, such as, in this song, homemade swings constructed with Goodyear tires. So as presented it is such matters, alongside the love of his wife, which makes being on this Earth fulfilling for the likes of Tyler Hubbard.

Lyrics to Tyler Hubbard's "5 Foot 9"
Tyler Hubbard talks about "5 Foot 9"

Who is Tyler Hubbard?

Tyler is a musician you may have never heard of in a solo capacity, as up until this point he has made a name for himself as part of Florida Georgia Line, a successful country music duo that has been around for over a decade. 

Said act, which consists of Hubbard alongside fellow singer/songwriter Brian Kelley, had broken up, perhaps permanently, as of early 2022. So “5 Foot 9”, which was released on 20 May of said year, marks Tyler’s first solo track, with the effort being backed by EMI Nashville.

Who are the writers of “5 Foot 9”?

Tyler wrote this song with Chase McGill and Jaren Johnston. He also produced it in conjunction with Jordan Schmidt. 

As the story of its authoring goes, at the time McGill and Johnston apparently were not aware that this was a tune which Hubbard intended to drop on his own.

Was this song a hit?

“5 Foot 9” proved to be a moderate success, i.e. appearing on a couple of Billboard country charts, in addition to the Hot 100 itself.

5 Foot 9

Who Is Hayley Stommel?

Hayley Hubbard (née Stommel) has been Tyler Hubbard’s wife since 2015, with the pair marrying a couple of years after they began dating. At the time they hooked up she was valued employee at Merrill Lynch, a finance company, and apparently the two of them were friends before they became lovers.

Also to note Hayley is pretty tall, actually being – unlike inferred in the song – 5 feet 10 inches in height.  And as of this writing, she and Tyler have three children together with the first, a daughter named Olivia, being born in 2017. Furthermore by the looks of things, she’s genuinely supportive of her husband’s music career.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really liked this song and it’s lyrics….so kind of pleasantly surprising , humorous and quirky , but also wholesome and uplifting ! It’s like a small blessing ….with a tiny bit of poetry and soul for our presently tumultuous world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the song!!!!!!! and also like the sound, sounds more like country keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  3. Tracy says:

    It seems like a bash on Goodyear tires. When it says swings instead. The rhythm says fires, should say tires on next line.

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