“Here With Me” by d4vd

“Here With Me” is an interesting piece in that as far as the verses go, D4vd is writing from the perspective of someone who has grown “old” with the addressee, even though, to note, he’s only 17 years old as of the dropping of this track. 

But he does an effective job in that at least the lyrics are terse and don’t go into any real detail. And as for the chorus, it is applicable to any romantic relationship if you will, i.e. the vocalist stating his commitment to remain by his partner’s side. 

So it’s almost as if D4vd is speaking to both an aged and fresh romance at the same time. Furthermore, it’s easy to imagine this song, in its overall simplicity, catching on in various circles due to what can be deemed its general applicability.

Lyrics to d4vd's "Here With Me"


D4vd is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles whose discography just dates back to 2021. Between then and the release of “Here With Me” though, he has dropped nearly 20 singles and managed to score a solid hit with “Romantic Homicide“, the one that directly preceded this song. 

As with quite a few YouTubers turned professional musicians, D4vd did not start off striving for a music career. Instead, his initial focus was on becoming a professional videogame player. However, he eventually began uploading tracks onto SoundCloud and as also noted earlier eventually hit via “Romantic Homicide”, which was not only his first song to chart overall but also in doing so made it onto the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 3 on the Hot Alternative Songs chart.

“Here With Me”

On 17th of July 2022, D4vd formally dropped “Here With Me” as a single.

D4vd served as the writer of this track, with its producers being Dan Darmawan and Blueday.

Here With Me

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