Meaning of Notes From A Wrist by D4vd

“D4VD’s Notes From A Wrist” speaks to deep emotional pain, conflicted relationships, and an internal battle with oneself.

Relational Struggle and Regret: The opening lines talk about a relationship coming to an end. The singer acknowledges his mistakes and admits his role in worsening the situation.

Self-Harm and Emotional Pain: The lyrics “I’m carving these notes into bloody arms” hint at the idea of self-harm as a way to deal with pain. This suggests an immense amount of emotional distress.

Desire for Escape: The repeated line “Run away from home again” signifies the need to escape or run from the pain, possibly both emotional and physical.

Loneliness and Exploitation: “They take advantage of the lonely ones” indicates that there are people who exploit or take advantage of individuals when they are most vulnerable.

Contradictory Emotions: The singer asks, “Why am I crying if / This is what I wanted all along?” showcasing the battle between wanting something but also mourning its consequences.

Loss of Identity and Place: “I don’t even know where I’m going” reflects feelings of being lost, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Living in the Present: The singer talks about focusing on the present moment, emphasizing that they don’t want to be burdened by the past.

Desire for Understanding: There’s a plea to stop being asked questions, indicating that the singer might not have the answers or perhaps doesn’t want to face them.

Self-reflection and Discomfort: The lines “Your stare makes me so uncomfortable, ‘Cause I see myself in your eyes” talk about seeing a reflection of oneself in someone else, which can be confronting if one isn’t at peace with themselves.

Indecisiveness: The ending line, “Why am I so indecisive?” captures the overall essence of the song, which revolves around conflicting emotions, choices, and regrets.

In essence, “Notes From A Wrist” digs deep into the emotional complexities of relationships, internal struggles, and the challenges of self-identity. The song speaks to those feelings of pain, regret, and the battle between wanting to escape but also seeking belonging.

When was “Notes From A wrist” released?

18th August, 2023 saw the release of “Notes From A Wrist”. It’s part of d4vd’s second album, “The Lost Petals”.

What does “notes from a wrist” mean in the context of the lyrics?

In the context of the song “Notes From A Wrist” by d4vd, the phrase seems to allude to the act of self-harm or a symbolic representation of deep emotional pain. The mention of “carving these notes into bloody arms” strongly suggests the act of cutting or harming oneself as a way to deal with emotional pain and turmoil. In this context, “notes” could represent feelings, memories, experiences, or regrets.

Given this interpretation, the title “Notes From A Wrist” can be seen as a message or cry for help from someone going through intense emotional pain.

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