“Highway Boys” by Zach Bryan

As implied by the title (“Highway Boys”), the vocalist is taking on the role of a transient fellow and also celebrating such a lifestyle. More specifically, he appears to be an itinerant musician, one who travels from southern ‘hood to ‘hood where his music is felt, logically hoping to one day make it big. And he left behind some “old friends” in his hometown. 

But on top of being turned off by their untruthful ways, Zach is also obviously more free-spirited. And it is that disposition that makes him and likeminded individuals prefer to be on the open road, doing their thing.

Lyrics to Zach Bryan's "Highway Boys"

Zach Bryan and “Highway Boys”

For the record, Zach Bryan does not appear to have any relation to more established country music star Luke Bryan. Instead Zach, who hails from Oklahoma, just began dropping music in 2019. And this track, which was released on 25 March 2022, is a part of his third-studio album, “American Heartbreak”.

This is a product of Warner Records (with his previous two albums being self-releases).

“Highway Boys” was written exclusively by Zach Bryan.

Zach first teased this song, via Twitter multiple times before its official release. The first teasing took place on the aforementioned platform in 2021. Then in February, 2022, he teased it again on the same platform.

Highway Boys

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