“Burn, Burn, Burn” by Zach Bryan

What the title of this track alludes to, as utilized in context, is the inevitability of death. And the reason why Zach Bryan, who isn’t that old himself, is harping on such a topic is because he’s the type of person who wants to make sure that he fulfills all of his earthly dreams before leaving the mortal plane.

With that in mind, the singer proceeds to go into great detail concerning his life goals. As far as these goals are concerned, he concludes along the lines of proclaiming himself “a simple man”. And yes, the vocalist can be deemed simple in the sense that the pursuit of riches and such complexities do not appear amongst his many listed aspirations. Rather, what he seems to idealize is something like chillin’ in the easiness backwoods alongside his significant other and ultimately proving pious in the eyes of the Lord.

By contrast, as illustrated in the first verse, the way Zach perceives the current state of society is such that we’re all caught up in ego fulfillment, basically. But his life, despite the singer possessing a positive outlook, obviously hasn’t materialized such that he’s currently the always-jipper type. Instead, this vocalist is more of the introspective type and seemingly spends ample time fantasizing. 

But again, his fantasies aren’t of the mainstream variety. Rather as the chorus, which concludes the song, indicates, he wants to experience life in all its fullness and is therefore willing to accept the “joy” as well as the “pain” along the way.

Lyrics to Zach Bryan's "Burn, Burn, Burn"

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is a country singer who is sort of new to the game, having dropped three LPs thus far beginning with 2019’s “DeAnn”. His most recent studio album, “American Heartbreak” (which was his first backed by a label, that being Warner Records), topped three different US albums’ charts. It also reached fifth place on the Billboard 200 thanks to a number of hit singles, including “Highway Boys“. 

“Burn, Burn, Burn”, which came out on 8 September 2022, is not associated with any album as of its launching and is also the first single he’s released since those associated with “American Heartbreak”.

This is a song which Bryan has apparently been teasing since mid-August 2022.

The vocalist wrote and produced this track, in that latter regard accomplishing the task with Eddie Spear.

Burn, Burn, Burn

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