“The Good I’ll Do” by Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan’s “The Good I’ll Do” is a love song, though one that depends on, let’s say somewhat unconventional wording to get its point across. For instance, it can be deemed that at certain points the vocalist gets quite personal, as in dropping lines that the general listener may not fully understand though that clearly means something to him and his relationship with the addressee. 

For example, at the end of the second verse, he calls out “those boy downtown” for ‘talking so much sh*t when he leaves’. Up until this point said boys are never mentioned, nor is it abundantly clear what kinda sh*t they’re talking. But the implication is that they are naysayers concerning the romance at hand.

And as for this romance, the title, as rendered in the chorus, reads in full “the good I’ll do because in you I’m new”. So what it seems Zach is trying to say, put more simply, is that he has experienced a fresh lease in life via his romantic association with the addressee. And again, this is a pretty common thesis sentiment as far as love songs go, though we can’t say we’ve ever come across a musician word it like that before.

So there are certain intricacies present in these lyrics that are more or less open to listener interpretation.  But at the end of the day, what it all boils down to is the vocalist being thoroughly smitten by the addressee.

Zach Bryan, "The Good I'll Do" Lyrics

Release Date of “The Good I’ll Do”

On May 20th, Zach Bryan released his third studio album through a couple of labels, including Warner Records. One of the songs on this project is “The Good I’ll Do”. The song is a non-single and therefore shares the same release date with the entire project. In all, a total of six singles were released to promote the album. One of these singles was the hit song “Something in the Orange“.


Zach Bryan is credited as the sole writer of “The Good I’ll Do”. The song’s producer is Eddie Spear.

Appearance in “Yellowstone”

This tune was featured in American drama series “Yellowstone”. It was specifically used in the 4th Episode of the show’s 5th Season. The track can be heard playing as the Yellowstone and Poison Creek cowboys work together to drive their cattle to get branded. 

Fans React to “The Good I’ll Do”

Bryan’s fans have one thing in common, and that is that this song has seen them through the tough times in their lives.

A fan said he can relate strongly to this song. According to him, wanting or acknowledging someone that brings out the best in them.

One fan reached out to Zach via social media, sharing his story of recently being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 25 years old, leading to him being honorably medically discharged from service. He’s had a tough 3 years but songs like “The Good I’ll Do” help him reshape his outlook on life for the better.

The Good I'll Do

“American Heartbreak”

“American Heartbreak” is a country album officially released on Friday, May 20 of 2022 as Zach Bryan’s 3rd studio album.

According to the singer, the album seeks to explore the last 5 years of his life and what it’s like for a 26 year old growing up in the United States. It consists of 31 tracks in total, 6 of which were released as singles. The album offers listeners a total of 121 minutes of play. 

“American Heartbreak” was jointly produced by Louie Nice, Eddie Spear and Ryan Hadlock. It was simultaneously released through Warner Records and Belting Bronco Records.

The album was commercially successful. It recorded the highest streams by a country album on music streaming platforms, Apple Music and Spotify in 2022. In the US, it sold over 70,000 album-equivalent units within its first week alone, the best first week performance by a country album for 2022.  

“American Heartbreak” featured prominently on a number of charts globally including the Billboard 200 where it peaked at No. 5.

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