“Homicide” by Logic (Ft. Eminem)

In this track, the artists approach “homicide” from two different perspectives. In the chorus, Logic literally takes on the role of – for lack of a better term – a mass murderer, who has left behind a suicide note and is killing anyone, “even the baby”, who gets in his path. However, what this track is really based on is Logic and Eminem slaying other MCs, as in touting their superiority over their peers.

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Logic’s Lines

And in that regard, Logic presents himself as a made man in relation to “every single rapper in the industry”. This is his premise to go about dissing some of the standards that have captivated the rap game in the modern age. For instance, he claims that “everybody sound(s) the same”, which in his opinion is “lame”. He also brings up the constant barrage of criticism that rappers such as himself must endure, comparing it to “high school”, by stating that he’s “tired” of such immaturity.

Lyrics of Logic's "Homicide"

Eminem’s Lines

Meanwhile Eminem proclaims himself as “the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time)”, with this not being the first time he has done so. And accordingly, most of his rap, once again, is centered on his superiority in comparison to his peers. For instance, he brings up the fact that he used to get bullied as a child but now basically “wipe(s) his a**” with more money than his bullies will ever touch. Also worth mentioning is that he disses rappers who use ghostwriters, which is a common industry practice these days. However as in operating within the boundaries of the title of this song, Em does begin his verse by pointing out that he has real-life “gun toters” on call. But for the most part when he uses violent language, it is to display his lyrical skills and as a metaphor for what he could do lyrically to other rappers.

The track ultimately concludes with an Eminem impersonation by comedian Chris D’Elia. This is the perfect way of illustrating that the artists (specifically Logic) are not actually serious about committing a “homicide”. However, that does not negate the fact that they have used this track to throw some serious jabs at critics, haters and competitors, as well as bringing it to the industry as a whole.

Facts about “Homicide”

Chris D’Elia expressed gratitude to Logic and Slim Shady for using a sample of his Eminem impression in “Homicide”.

“Homicide” will be featured on Logic’s forthcoming album. The album is titled Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Logic teased the release of this track via Twitter on 1 May 2019.

The song was officially dropped by Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group on 3 May 2019.

At the very beginning of his verse, Eminem gives a shoutout to Jay-Z.

Is this the first time that Eminem and Logic have collaborated together on a song?

Yes. This is the first time Logic and Eminem have officially collaborated on a track. However, they have met before, as Logic actually opened for Eminem during his concert at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii on 15 February 2019. And the two of them were able to spend some quality time together, mostly talking about rap.

Who wrote “Homicide”?

The writers of the song, along with Logic and Eminem include the following:

  1. Luis Resto
  2. Tim Schoegje
  3. Donnell Stephens III
  4. Dillan Beau Bailard
  5. Jeremy Alexander Uribe

“Homicide” was produced by Shroom and Bregma.

Interpretation of Logic’s “Homicide”: By Another Hand

Logic and Eminem’s first collaboration, “Homicide” has more to do with their fast-paced fiery verses targeted at other rappers than its literal sense.

Birth of the song’s title

Considering the speed and fierceness of the lyrics, the title Homicide must have been chosen to symbolize how their words spewed like bullets from a gun or cut as sharp as knives.


The chorus describes the state of his mind when rapping, likening it to an addict possessing a semi-automatic weapon, ready to take out anyone close. Logic, referring to himself as Bobby says,he feels like a villain who is coming for everything his opponent holds dear.


In the first verse, Logic expresses how he is invincible and not impressed by all other rappers in the industry. He continues to mock them as he claims they all sound the same, but he’s for real; a killer. Bobby hypes himself some more and gets back to slaying his rivals in the subsequent verses.

Concept of murder

Throughout the verses, he plays with different concepts of murder to illustrate how he’s dealing with other rappers with his punch lines. He talks about not allowing suicide, committing genocide, then leaving them crucified. He again attacks his opponents who he claims brag about having many women and designer clothes, but can’t put together the “illest of raps.”

Eminem comes in hard

Eminem takes his turn with more rhymes as he hits on older rappers who are fading away; or as he puts it, getting washed. He explains how he’ll never be dethroned because unlike others who rap lyrics someone else wrote, he’s very alert. Eminem swanks a bit as he alludes that all MCs know he’s the ethos and the G.O.A.T.


All in all, this song gives room for both rappers to exhibit their speedy flows and lyrical prowess, while ‘killing’ their contenders.

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  1. Dicky Noel says:

    Logic really boosted and was quite hyped up…attacking anyone

  2. lil aiden says:

    I got to say, I do really like the song and how they decided to collab with eachother. But im not that type of person who will keep pausing the video/song, when something in the video hits hard,”(a diss maybe)”, on other rappers that are in the ball pit of rapping against others to try to take the crown as being the best rapper. If you do want to check me out, and if eminem does visit this site, and he does see this, yes I do make music. My youtube is Aiden Boderick and my tiktok is lilaiden455, and yes im not a mumble rapper.Just cause the name has lil in it does not mean that im a mumble rapper!!!

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