“Ice Box” by Omarion (ft. Timbaland)

Even if you’re not able to pick up on the specifics of the narrative while actually listening to “Ice Box”, the chorus is still extremely effective in getting its thesis sentiment across. The said sentiment is that the singer is thoroughly heartbroken as a result of romance. That is ultimately what Omarion is getting at by claiming that there is “this icebox where (his) heart used to be”. 

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Or put more bluntly, he has been traumatized by past romantic experience(s). And in the aftermath, now the vocalist is “so cold”, i.e. desensitized to the whole idea of falling in love basically.

With that in mind, the verses themselves do not appear to be about the woman or women who have made him this way. Instead, the addressee has a new romantic interest in his life. And after interacting with her for some time, apparently in a romantic capacity, Omarion comes to the conclusion that she is in fact the perfect partner for him. But alas, to both of their dismay, he is forced to call things off. 

The reason being is that instead of possessing a “heart”, now the vocalist has an “ice box” rather. Or once again in the name of simplifying things, it can be gleaned that he obviously isn’t ready to fall in love anew. The vocalist is on the rebound, as some people may say. Unfortunately though, he seemingly didn’t realize this until actually developing strong feelings for the addressee and vice versa.

Lyrics of Omarion's "Ice Box"

Omarion talks about the lyrics of “Ice Box”

Based on Omarion’s explanations of this track, this isn’t supposed to be like an anti-Valentine’s song or anything like that. Instead, the way he sees it is that the mainstream isn’t really into detailing male heartbreak. 

And having recently broken up with his own “longtime girlfriend”, the singer was serving as, shall we say the neglected voice of all men who may be reeling from a bad breakup. Furthermore, he perceives that having a “cold heart” as a result is a melancholy that eventually passes.

So speaking on behalf of his romantically-devastated brethren has granted this piece, once again according to Omarion, a therapeutic quality amongst some listeners.

Ice Box


Omarion, a singer from Inglewood, made a name for himself as the lead vocalist of an early-aughts’ boy band known as B2K. In 2005, he ventured out on his own and was a major success as a soloist right off the bat. His first two studio albums, (2005) and 21 (2006), were Billboard 200 and US R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart toppers. 

It is from that latter project that we get “Ice Box”.

“Ice Box”

It’s safe to say that whereas Omarion has a couple of hits under his belt, “Ice Box” is his signature song. 

Even though this song features a bright star on the music scene in the form of Timbaland, his vocal contributions are more in an ad-libbing capacity.

Timbaland produced this track along with King Logan and John Spivery. And its writers, besides Omarion, are:

  • Antonio Dixon
  • Ezekiel Lewis
  • Yasunori Mitsuda
  • J. Que Smith
  • Sierra Thornton
  • Ezekiel Lewis
  • Keri Hilson (who is a very popular R&B singer)

Solange Knowles, aka Beyoncé’s little sister, acts on the music video to “Ice Box”. The director of the clip is Anthony Mandler.

This track performed impressively, scoring within the top 15 of the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles, amidst charting in at least 10 countries. 

It appeared on five different Billboard charts stateside, making it within the top 15 on all occasion (and performing best on the US Rhythmic chart, where it peaked at number 3), in addition to being certified gold in America. But that showing, as impressive as it may be, is not indicative of the true catchiness of this song.

When did Omarion release “Ice Box”?

Sony Urban Music and Epic Records released as a single on 31 October 2006.

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