“For Tonight” by GIVĒON

GIVĒON’s “For Tonight” sorta reads like the Shirley Murdock classic As We Lay (1986), if you happen to be familiar with that song. For herein we have Giveon dealing with what would apparently be a romantic interest, i.e. the addressee. And he knows that being with her in such a capacity, i.e. the two of them spending the night together, is “wrong”. 

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However, he still finds her irresistible. So despite the aforementioned knowledge, he proceeds to be with her “for tonight” nonetheless.

And yes, based on Giveon’s own terse explanation of this piece, overall what he is dealing with is the topic of addiction, not love. In other words, despite the lyrics obviously being put in an (indirect) romantic context, they can be artistically interpreted as the vocalist speaking to a substance, like drugs, as opposed to another person. For at the end of the day, what the thesis sentiment most simply boils down to is Giveon ‘laying with’ the addressee, i.e. getting intimately close to it, even though, once again, he knows that doing so is “wrong”. 

And in acknowledgment of the latter, when the two of them do meet it is “behind closed doors”.  So again, those are sentiments that can be interpreted a lot of ways. But the underlying implication would lead us to believe that the addressee is indeed a person, being that at points in the song she is depicted as being just as cognizant as the vocalist.

Lyrics to "For Tonight" by GIVĒON
GIVĒON discusses "For Tonight"


Givēon is a singer from Los Angeles who as of the release of this track is 26 years old. And even though he entered the industry relatively late, he has been involved in music for years. For instance, in his late teens, Giveon was involved in a music program hosted by the Grammy Museum. And his discography dates back to 2018, when he would have been in his early-twenties.

Giveon’s big break came in early 2020 as a featured artist of Drake’s, with the resultant track, Chicago Freestyle, being the first time he participated on a song that was a hit. If you look at Giveon’s discography, it would indicate that one of his 2019 tracks, Like I Want You, actually went platinum. But it did not achieve that feat until 2021. 

Likewise Giveon’s 2020 EP, Take Time, was nominated for a Grammy in 2021. Or put differently, collaborating with Drake helped some of Giveon’s earlier works get exposure. And since then, the singer was also a featured artist of Justin Bieber’s on 2021’s Peaches, a song that was a much bigger hit than even Chicago Freestyle.

“For Tonight”

Meanwhile, the release date of “For Tonight” was on 24 September 2021, being a product of Epic Records, in conjunction with another label called Not So Fast. And it is the lead single from Giveon’s forthcoming debut LP which, at the time of the release of this song, is still untitled.

Like Giveon, the director of this track’s music video, Sophia Nahli Allison, is also from Los Angeles.

Giveon co-wrote this piece alongside Marcus Semaj, Antonio Dixon and Sevn Thomas. And Sevn Thomas also produced the track with Jahaan Sweet and Akeel.

For Tonight

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    I’m seventy yrs old and love this song.And several other songs by Giveon.Talented young man.

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