“Hold You Down” by X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors’ “Hold You Down” is a song in which the singer is expressing undying, unwavering commitment to the addressee.

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The chorus loosely references “dancing”, and in that regard some may interpret the track as being based on a romance. However, X Ambassadors’ vocalist Sam Harris rather relates the song to the relationship between he and his brother/fellow band member Casey Harris, with even the music video being centered on their childhood. Also the “last ones dancing” analogy actually alludes to the singer’s resolve to always be by the addressee’s side, as in when no one else has his back, he will.

And that is what this entire song is based on – the singer’s devotion to the addressee. He wants to make sure this person understands that through the “highs and lows” he may experience, even if he “go(es) to war”, that there is at least one person who will support him through it all.

Lyrics of "I'll Hold You Down"

Writing and Production of “Hold You Down”

“Hold You Down” was written by the X Ambassadors themselves along with Ricky Reed, Malay and Jacob Kasher.

The full list of writers of the song is therefore as follows:

  • Casey Harris
  •  Sam Harris
  • Adam Levin
  • Malay
  • Ricky Reed
  • Jacob Kasher

The song’s co-writers Reed and Malay also collaborated with the band in producing the track.

Album and Release Date

“Hold You Down” is featured on the X Ambassadors’ third full-length album, Orion. The song was released as a single by Kidinakorner and Interscope Records in advance of the album on 31 May 2019.

Music video for “Hold You Down”

The music video to the song features home video recordings from Casey and Sam’s childhood in Ithaca, New York.

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