“I Don’t Think I Like Her” by Charlie Puth

These lyrics of Charlie Puth’s “I Don’t Think I Like Her” reflect the musings of a man who has decided to forsake the dating game due to less-than-ideal experiences he’s had therein. In the song’s respective verses, Charlie gives us two examples of exactly the type of disheartening romances he has been engaged in.

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The first is a girl he followed proper procedure with, apparently getting to know her family first before they started sleeping together. Everything was going gravy, complete with the feeling of this being “a real relationship”, at least to Charlie. But as for the apple of his eye, she concludes that it’s bad timing and rather decides that she can’t go steady with the vocalist.

Afterwards, Puth realizes that he’s “on a rebound” and pledges to take a chill pill from dating. However, he’s smitten by a certain lady so decides to ‘make just one exception’ by hooking up with her. But by the time all is said and done, as attracted to her as he may be, he realizes that he’s “not her type”. This implies that his infatuation, if you will, was not reciprocal.

All in all

So basically, what we’re dealing with here is the vocalist being the victim of two solid romantic rejections. These are relationships he actually vested in, only to realize later on that the recipients of his affection weren’t interested in making things happen. 

And it’s understandable how, under such circumstances, a person may decide they need a break from dating. That is to say that the titular “her” whom the vocalist ‘doesn’t think he likes anymore’ in this case is a personification of all his potential romantic interests. For the narrator had concluded that they’re more interested in hurting him than nurturing a relationship.

"I Don't Think I Like Her" Lyrics

Release Date of “I Don’t Think I Like Her”

This track was released on 16 September 2022, in the midst of Charlie Puth, backed by Atlantic Records, prepping the album of his it is featured on, which is titled “Charlie”. 

The first teasing of this track reportedly dates back to 2021, when Puth did so via his TikTok account, though said post has since been deleted.

FYI, prior to releasing this song (which was put out as a single), four other singles were released from “Charlie”. They are:


Puth produced this track and co-wrote it, with the other writers being the following:

  • Jake Torrey
  • Jacob Kasher
  • Blake Slatkin

To note, the ever-popular Travis Barker plays the drums on this song.

I Don't Think I Like Her

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