Meaning of “Single Soon” by Selena Gomez

“Single Soon”, which Interscope Records released on 25 August 2023, actually marks Selena Gomez’s first single of the year in question. That may be one of the reasons why Taylor Swift herself celebrated the release of this track when it did come out.

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Seemingly, Selena first began teasing this song, i.e. the forthcoming of new music for 2023, a few months earlier, in February. And it has been pointed out that the origins of “Single Soon” actually date back to her 2020 studio album “Rare”.

The producers of this track are Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco. Those two are also given writing credit, as are the following:

  • Selena Gomez
  • Ross Golan
  • Jacob Kasher
  • Ammar Malik
  • Lisa Scinta
  • Phil Shaouy
Single Soon

The Lyrics of “Single Soon”

As far as the public is concerned, Selena Gomez has not been in a verified romantic relationship since 2018. As implied by this song, such a modus operandi may actually be of her own choosing. That is to say that the vocalist at hand doesn’t come off as someone who is eager to settle down. Actually that might be the last thing on her mind.

For example, in the first verse, Selena alludes to her inclination to just ghost a dude once she loses interest. And in the second verse, the singer acknowledges that she’s “a little high maintenance” but does so in a way that indicates she has made peace with that reality. Indeed, Gomez goes on to imply that at this stage in her life, she’s more interested in casual dating than being locked down to/by a single individual.

Or another way of interpreting what’s being put forth, via what’s relayed in the chorus, is that even as the vocalist sets out to potentially meet a new partner, she’s already thinking ahead to the next one. Or as illustrated in the post-chorus, Selena is using the opportunity of this song to big up her romantic freedom. So it’s quite obvious that the point of this track is for the singer to present herself as someone who is enjoying the single’s life.

“I’m pickin’ out this dress
Tryin’ on these shoes
‘Cause I’ll be single soon
I’ll be single soon
I know he’ll be a mess
When I break the news
But I’ll be single soon
I’ll be single soon”

The Short-Lived Conspiracy Theory behind this Song

Selena Gomez is an A-list musician and furthermore one who has dated a couple of celebrities on her same billing level. In such cases, virtually every time a romance-based single is dropped there will be speculation about which of those past relationships it may be based on.

As for “Single Soon”, some listeners have concluded that this piece was inspired by her time with The Weeknd. Gomez and The Weeknd dated a few years back (i.e. from 2017 to 2018). 

There isn’t even a precise addressee of this song. But despite this, people came to the conclusion based on a couple of what may ultimately be deemed coincidental lyrical clues. However, Selena promptly proceeded to shut those speculations down. In doing so, she categorically stated that that such theories “couldn’t be more false”.

Did “Single Soon” chart?

Yes, it did. For example, it charted in the Netherlands a few days after being released.

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