“Is It True” by Tame Impala

If there’s one thing we know about the narrator of “Is It True”, it’s that he is indeed in love with the lady he is singing about. And we can also say that he very much wants to commit to her in a permanent sort of fashion, akin to marriage itself. Yet he is hesitant to do so. And the reason is the fact that he is unable to predict the future, he is afraid something will happen that will mess the relationship up. More specifically he is worried that his feelings for her may eventually change, despite how much he may be attached at the moment. 

So basically, the title of this track is centered on his partner questioning the depths of his love. And it doesn’t read like a scenario where she is putting pressure on him to get married or anything like that. Rather we can say that her query is symbolic of the debate – which once again is fueled by fear – that is being waged in his own heart. So perhaps the simplest way to describe “Is It True” is as a tune whose main character suffers from a fear of commitment.

Lyrics of "Is It True"

Facts about “Is It True”

Exclusive songwriting and production credits for “Is It True” go to Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker.

This song was released as part of the outfit’s album “The Slow Rush” on 14 February 2020. The label that put the track out is Universal Music Australia.

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