“Julia” by Jeremy Zucker

The lyrics of Jeremy Zucker’s “Julia” is a bit complex. Or let’s say that the singer has feelings of both love and hate for the titular “Julia”, his ex-girlfriend. For instance, in the first verse it is revealed that he has memory-based dreams about her which cause him to wake up in an emotional state, even though he does want to remember their past. Yet part of his sentimental misgivings concerning the current state of their relationship is that she doesn’t even reach out to him. 

But then in the second verse, Jeremy states that he is experiencing something like a newfound sense of freedom which is the direct result of ‘letting go’ of Julia. Moreover in the chorus he exclaims that he is “through with” her. But that does not mean that he isn’t disappointed that their relationship failed, as he was obviously expecting their romance to last forever. 

So conclusively, we can say that in hindsight Zucker does not actually regret breaking up with Julia. However, that does not negate the fact that he still loves her.

Lyrics of "Julia"

Facts about “Julia”

Jeremy Zucker produced and co-wrote “Julia”. And the other writer is Nathan Phillips.

Republic Records and the Visionary Music Group released this track on 24 March 2020. The aforementioned labels released it as the fourth single from Jeremy’s maiden album, “Love Is Not Dying”.

Zucker has stated that this track is “about self-realization and closure”. He went on to elaborate that it was the first song from “Love Is Not Dying” that he had finished. Also he summed up the tune by asserting that “it encapsulates the most important emotions and feelings that come up in the album”.

Moreover on 24 March 2020, Jeremy called this track ‘his favorite song he’s ever released’.

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