“I’m So Happy” by Jeremy Zucker (ft. BENEE)

The full title of this song, as relayed in the chorus, is “I’m so happy you’re not here”. And with that in mind, what this track actually akin to is a breakup anthem. Or as explained by Jeremy Zucker, usually a romance-based song with a theme like “I’m so happy” would center on the vocalist celebrating that special someone in his life and how their presence edifies him. But contrarily in this case, he rather decided to “flip the idea” and rather rejoice in being devoid of the addressee, his ex, as opposed to with her.

And Benee, who only shows up in the second verse, relays a similar narrative. She seems to have realized some time ago that her ex wasn’t the one. But, by the looks of things, she went along with it as the result of a sexual dependency she developed on him. Yet ultimately, what’s being implied is that she came to the conclusion that he was too toxic to continue f*-king with.

And so it is with the thesis sentiment of this piece. The chorus reads like a polite way of dissing one’s ex.  The singer is ‘not holding a thing against’ this individual.  But he is letting this person know explicitly, even if doing so hurts her feelings, that he’s now enjoying life more with her not around than when they were together.  So the implication, even though it’s never stated directly, is that said ex worried the hell out of him in one way or another.

Lyrics to Jeremy Zucker's "I'm So Happy"

Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker is a singer from New Jersey who has thus far dropped a couple of studio albums as well as a plethora of EPs. His biggest hit to date is a 2018 track called “Comethru”. 

When did Jeremy release “I’m So Happy”?

“I’m So Happy” is a standalone single that Zucker came out with on 16 September 2022.

Who is Benee?

The featured artist on this track, Benee, hails from New Zealand. She too has been in the game for less than a decade at this point and has proven notably successful in her homeland. Also Benee’s 2019 EP, “Stella & Steve”, topped Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums Chart stateside.

Who wrote “I’m So Happy”?

Both Jeremy Zucker and Benee, who at the time are respectively 26 and 22 years old, are credited with writing “I’m So Happy”, their first collaboration. The other two writers are Sir Nolan and David Hodges, with Nolan and Zucker also producing the track.

I'm So Happy

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