“Just Like Fire” by Pink

“Just like Fire” by Pink mainly speaks about the singer’s determination to live out her own dreams and truly be herself without being controlled by other people. It appears she works hard to reach her maximum potential, but realizes that the very people around her have been hindering her from attaining her goals.

Throughout the song, however, she suggests that she is no longer interested in their dictates and is willing to ignore them so she can live the life she wants. Pink is most likely speaking about her music career, as she indicates in the chorus that she came to run ‘it’, denoting ‘the music industry’. She likens her gift to fire, and imagines herself lighting up the world with her music and breaking through all the limitations society places on her. The singer is quite convinced that although many people do not believe in her ability to take the world by storm with her music, she is confident and inspired to do more because of their reaction. She’s motivated by girl power and is undoubtedly poised about her imminent success.

Pink, speaking in an interview with People, mentioned that her daughter Willow was the inspiration behind the song. She expressed that she tries to keep young girls like her empowered to be themselves and be uninhibited by society through her lyrics.

Lyrics of “Just Like Fire”

Facts about “Just Like Fire”

This song actually comes from the soundtrack of the 2016 Tim Burton film “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. It was released by Walt Disney Records and RCA Records as the lead single from that project on 15 April 2016.

Pink wrote “Just Like Fire” alongside its producers, Max Martin, Oscar Holter and Shellback. These are artists whom Pink worked with to drop a few hits even prior to this song.

The first time fans got to see Pink perform this “Just Like Fire” live on television was during the Billboard Music Awards held on 22 May 2016.

The music video itself had Dave Meyers as its director. The clip features Carey Hart, whom Pink married in 2006, as well as Willow Sage, their daughter who was four years old at the time. Moreover it is set in the fictional universe of Alice in Wonderland, upon which the movie itself is based.

Likewise the composition of the song itself was directly influenced by “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. FYI, Pink and Willow were treated to an early screening of the flick seemingly for that specific purpose.

“Just Like Fire” charted in almost 30 nations. This includes reaching number one on two US Billboard charts (Adult Contemporary and Kids Digital Songs) as well as in Japan and Australia.

And speaking of Australia, the track has also been certified quadruple-platinum in the Land Down Under.

Moreover “Just Like Fire” received a Grammy nomination in 2017, specifically in the category of Best Song Written for Visual Media. And whereas it did not take home the trophy, that still marked a good showing for Pink being that it was the first song she ever wrote specifically for a live-action movie.

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  1. jess says:

    omg I love P!nk she is amazing

  2. J.J Tula says:

    Just Like Fire is a great song, it deserved that Grammy nomination.

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