Meaning of “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink

“Beautiful Trauma” is a song performed by renowned American singer-songwriter Pink. The lyrics of the song center around a couple and their super “strange” relationship.

In announcing the song on the social networking site Twitter, Pink said she named the album on which the track can be found after the track. According to her, she did this because despite life being “f***ing traumatic”, it is also an “incredibly beautiful” thing. Hence the profound phrase “beautiful trauma”.

Lyrics of Beautiful Trauma

Facts about “Beautiful Trauma”

  • “Beautiful Trauma” was written by Pink and American musician and singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff.
  • The song was produced by its co-writer Jack Antonoff. It is worth noting that Antonoff, who is best known for being the guitarist of the American indie rock band Fun, has over the years written songs for such famous artists as Taylor Swift, Rachel Platten and Lorde.
  • The song came out on November 21st, 2017 as the second single from Pink’s seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma.
  • The song’s music video features American actor Channing Tatum, who played the role of Pink’s significant other.
  • The song performed very well in many countries around the world; even reaching the number one spot in places such as Poland, Canada and Israel. In the UK Singles Chart, the song peaked at number 25. However, it didn’t perform very well in the US Billboard Hot 100, reaching only number 78 on that chart.
  • At the 2017 American Music Awards, Pink stunned the audience by performing this song live alongside the renowned aerial dance troupe Project Bandaloop while hanging from a high wire hundreds of feet from a 34-story towering skyscraper – the JW Marriott hotel building. The amazing gravity and death defying performance was one of the biggest highlight of the awards ceremony. Pink later went on to confess that the performance was the scariest thing she had ever done in her life.


Who is the woman who participated in role play with Pink and Channing Tatum in the music video of “Beautiful Trauma”?

She’s an American actress named Nikki Tuazon. Some of Tuazon’s notable film and television credits include the CBS crime drama TV series S.W.A.T. and the 2016 musical comedy film Opening Night.

Pink performing “Beautiful Trauma” at the 2017 American Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles

Here’s a video of Pink defying both death and gravity to perform her hit song “Beautiful Trauma” live at the American Music Awards while hanging hundreds of feet off the side of a skyscraper. Pink was aided by the dance troupe Bandaloop throughout the performance:

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