“Never Gonna Not Dance Again” by Pink

The title of this song (“Never Gonna Not Dance Again”) more or less says it all, especially when you consider it in relation to the artist at hand. Pink goes about illustrating that if there’s one thing in the entire world she never wants to lose, it would be her ability to dance. 

And she uses some-very powerful lingo to get that point across, including referencing the end of the world and addressing a Higher Power in the process.

Ultimately, whereas this is very much a dance song, it can be ascertained, to some degree, that she is not solely speaking of boogying in and of itself. Rather said practice can also be said to symbolize one’s wherewithal to enjoy life in general. 

So in the second verse for instance, the vocalist lashes out at “the thing that makes us all so dumb”. And in context, what the relatively-aged pop singer is alluding to in that regard would be something like people losing the zest to “have some fun” as they get older. And that is the type of fate that she clearly does not want to meet.

Pink, "Never Gonna Not Dance Again" Lyrics

Release of “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”

“Never Gonna Not Dance Again”, which RCA Records put out on 4 November 2022, marks Pink’s second single of the year, following “Irrelevant“. 

Her most-recent studio album to date, “Hurts 2B Human”, dropped in 2019. And as far as releasing singles go, the songstress did have a notable 2021, on top of Pink coming out with her first live album, “All I Know So Far: Setlist”, last year. But the industry vet hasn’t been heavily active in 2022.

That being said, this song, in addition to the one that preceded it, is part of her ninth studio LP.


Pink penned “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” with the track’s producers, Shellback and Max Martin. Furthermore, she also co-directed its music video, in that sense teaming up with a duo known as Nick & RJ.

Notable Live Performance

As reported, Pink will perform this song live for the first time during the upcoming American Music Awards, which are to be held on 21 November 2022.

Never Gonna Not Dance Again

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