“Just Wanna” by Iggy Azalea

The alternate title of this song by Iggy Azalea is “Just Wanna (F**k)”, with that term being the foundation of the track’s chorus. And if you understand the meaning of that phrase, then you also are privy to the central theme of this song.

In it Iggy takes on a role traditionally reserved for her male counterparts, as in presenting herself as being preoccupied with intimate affairs with men. Moreover she “just wants to nut”. What this basically means is that she wants to reach the peak of intimate pleasure. Thus she is not interested in certain shows of intimacy, such as ‘cuddling’. It should also be noted that she is very much looking forward to receiving a certain kind of explicit intimate activity from her lover. And in the process of it all she guarantees to “break… off” her lover also, as in make sure she gives him a night to remember.

And that is the meaning of “Just Wanna”. It is an expression of the rapper’s desire to have hard, tongue-laden, meaningless bedroom adventure. But in the process of doing so she also encourages listeners who follow down a similar path to do so safely.

Facts about “Just Wanna”

  • “Just Wanna” features a sample of the classic 1987 rap song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. It should be stated that “Push It’also shares a similar theme to this track.
  • Iggy’s “Just Wanna” also features a couple of excerpts of dialogue from the 2007 film Superbad. It is the latter dialogue (which makes up interlude) that features the song’s safe-sex message.
  • On 28 June 2019, “Just Wanna” became the third single dropped in advance of Iggy Azalea’s second full-length album, In My Defense. The hit song “Sally Walker” was the lead single from this album.
  • “Just Wanna” was written by Iggy Azalea and produced by the executive producer of the entirety of In My Defense, J. White Did It.

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