Meaning of “Sally Walker” by Iggy Azalea

“Sally Walker” by Australian Iggy Azalea is a song based on a nursery rhyme entitled “Little Sally Walker”. In the modern iteration of this children’s poem, ‘Little Sally Walker’ is told to ‘do her thing’. Likewise throughout this track Iggy is advising the female listener to ‘do her thang’. More specifically she is encouraging her female audience to twerk – with twerking being a provocative dance that is performed with the hips and behind – and to get paid while doing so. However, considering that the original “Little Sally Walker” is indeed a children’s song, when a participate was told to ‘do her thing’ it was not an encouragement to conduct a provocative or potentially controversial action but rather a lead to the next line in which the players would switch places in a circle dance.

However Azalea’s song is not all about getting ladies to twerk. She also brings up the subject of her wealth and the fact that the “bi**hes” she later directs her disses at can’t match it, as well as threatening them physically. In fact during the latter half of the first verse, when she is making these comments, it almost sounds as if she is talking to someone(s) in particular.

Sally Walker lyrics

The second verse begins with Iggy bragging about her own twerking skills and ability to appeal to the men of other women. Then the rest of the section is basically dedicated to re-attacking her female rivals. So considering that the main themes of this song ultimately boil down to intimacy, wealth and violence, it can be deemed that it is indeed the average mainstream rap-dance track we have become used to these days, albeit this time being sung by a female. In other words, Iggy’s primary objective in dropping “Sally Walker” appears to be to create a marketable, danceable twerk song.

Facts about “Sally Walker”

  • Iggy Azalea co-wrote “Sally Walker” with music producer Anthony White (professionally known as J. White Did It).
  • On top of co-writing “Sally Walker”, White also produced it.
  • March 15, 2019 was the day (release date) Iggy and her team made the song commercially available to the public.
  • The track was released as the first single from Iggy’s 2019 album entitled In My Defense. FYI, In My Defense is Iggy’s second studio album.
  • “Sally Walker” came out Iggy’s first single for 2019.
  • Iggy released this track independently through the record label, Bad Dreams. FYI, Iggy owns the record label in question. 

6 Responses

  1. MickyAus says:

    Rufus Thomas does a version which is just as suggestive back from the 1960s. On the scale of provocative lyrics, I hardly see a difference from Iggy’s lines to .. Shake it to the East, Shake it to the West, Shake it for the one that you love best.

  2. ER says:

    What’s the significance to Beyoncé ?
    I see a lot of Beyoncé’s style in the video and song? Formation to be more specific.

  3. Lfkskwh says:

    It’s definitely a bhad Babie did track

  4. G says:

    Don’t forget Sally Walker is the name of a famous Australian lawyer where Iggy is from, some im a little confused about all that.

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