The way the term “maverick” is used in this song is to point to the idea of someone who is, most simply put, countercultural. This notion perhaps comes across most effectively in the second verse, whereas Sunwoo criticizes those who just ‘follow the crowd’. But as for him and the rest of The Boyz’ gang, they are more intent on doing things their own way.

But that said, Maverick doesn’t really come off as your traditional My Prerogative type of fare. Instead there is a lot going on in this song, some of which presumably we cannot fully grasp given that it is actually composed primarily in Korean. For example, the first verse may be interpreted as sounding a bit anti-vax to some listeners. But again these lyrics are in fact highly metaphorical, especially for a K-pop song.

But perhaps such is to be expected when you take into consideration that the Korean music industry is a lot more disciplined than its Western counterpart. That is to say that K-pop probably hasn’t reached the point where counter-mainstream individuality, if you want to choose this song as so, can be overtly expressed. 

And indeed, the way such a standard is presented in this piece isn’t solely along the lines of espousing being different for difference’s sake. Rather, The Boyz assert that life is more exciting when you follow your own path and, perhaps most importantly, aren’t afraid to do so.

Lyrics for THE BOYZ's "MAVERICK"


This is the title track to The Boyz’ third single album, i.e. the main tune buttressed by another track or two. (In this case it is two, Hypnotized and Russian Roulette.) So by the looks of things a ‘mini album’, most simply explained, is an EP but with even fewer tracks.

The Boyz consisted of a dozen vocalists at its inception but since late 2019 has been made up of 11 individuals. And they are:

  • Hyunjae
  • Jacob
  • Ju Haknyeon
  • Juyeon
  • Kevin
  • New
  • Q
  • Sangyeon
  • Sunwoo
  • Younghoon
  • Eric

And to note Sangyeon, currently at 25 years of age, is the oldest member of the crew, with Eric (aka Son Young-jae) being the youngest at 20.

The producer/co-writer of Maverick is Ludwig Lindell. And other musicians who served as writers of this track include the likes of:

  • Danke
  • Jo Yoon Kyung
  • Kyler Niko
  • Ronnie Icon 

And according to Ronnie Icon, the piece was musically inspired by an indigenous form of New Zealand chanting known as haka.


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