“Leave Me Alone” by Flipp Dinero

Flipp Dinero has revealed that “Leave Me Alone” was inspired by him cutting off a particular romantic interest who proved too persistent for his liking. But the lyrics rather imply that the reason he’s instructing homegirl to ‘leave him alone’ is because she has proven unfaithful, “f*–ing the clique” and all. 

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Or put more comprehensively, this narrative reads as if it is based on what has developed into a toxic relationship, one in which, as time progressed, the vocalist has come to the conclusion to the addressee is a ‘dumb b–ch’. So therefore, despite obviously having feelings for her, he has decided to terminate their relationship.

Lyrics of "Leave Me Alone"

When was “Leave Me Alone” released?

“Leave Me Alone” was released on the 14th of March 2018 by American rapper Flipp Dinero. The song is listed as track 12 on the rapper’s debut studio album, “Love for Guala”.

Did this song chart?

Yes. It peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, “Leave Me Alone” was a top-30 hit.

By November of 2020, the song had recorded sales of over 4 million units in the United States alone. It received a 4x Platinum certification by the RIAA in the US.

Credits for “Leave Me Alone”

Flipp joined the following songwriters to compose the song:

  • DJ Khaled
  • Per Landaas
  • Mathias Rosenholm

The song’s production was handled by Young Forever Beats and Cast Beats.

The “Love for Guala”Album

“Love for Guala” was backed by several record labels such as:

  • We the Best Music Group
  • Epic Records

The album consists of 13 tracks and had quite a number of well-known record producers teaming up for its production. Notable amongst them are:

  • Ben Billions
  • DJ Khaled
  • Dre Moon
  • Frank Dukes
  • G Koop
  • Tay Keith

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