“LA FAMA” by Rosalía and The Weeknd

The title of this track (“LA FAMA”), when translated into English, reads as “The Fame”. And considering that the lyrics are actually in Spanish, perhaps as originally rendered this song is quite deep. But as for the English translation we’re relying on, the lyrics are relatively elementary, even if the subject is in part an abstract construct. And that construct would be personifying fame as a person, whom the vocalists are addressing as such in some passages.

For instance in Rosalía’s verse that sets the song off, she makes it sound as if she is singing to a lover, with the two of them being in a troubled romance. Or at least that’s the hasty generalization most listeners are likely to make. But instead, in sort of a plot twist, it is promptly revealed in the chorus that she is speaking to fame itself. And this aspect of existence, if you will, is presented as one that is untrustworthy and never content.

But of course no matter what she or The Weeknd may say, the truth is that most of us still want to experience fame nonetheless. But the vocalist is like even if you do decide go that route, be content with your 15 seconds and then bounce. And the implication would be that ‘marrying fame’, which we would take as an allegory alluding to feening for too much stardom, ultimately results in some negative consequences.

Issues with Stardom

And that is what The Weeknd’s is expounding on in his verse, these detrimental side effects. And it includes the likes of insomnia and an inability to think clearly. Furthermore, there is also a stress level so high that it can even prove physically painful. 

And whereas neither he nor Rosalía may be actual role models in terms of being able to walk away from the game, at the same time we would have to presume that, with both of them being superstars, they know what they’re taking about on the matter.

In Conclusion

In fact the conclusion to this piece, as relayed in the bridge, isn’t an unlikely one, like the two of them suddenly making an attempt to call it quits. Rather, what this song is actually meant to point out is how the lust for fame, “this obsession” as they call it, never actually disappears if you let it take over your soul. So it’s like once you get caught in the snare of “la fama”, there’s no way out.

Lyrics to "LA FAMA" by ROSALIA
ROSALÍA discusses "LA FAMA"

Who is Rosalía?

Rosalía is a singer from Spain who has also achieved a considerable amount of international success, especially in the United States. For instance, her last LP, 2018’s “El Mal Querer”, topped the Spanish Albums chart in addition to reaching number one stateside via Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums ranking. 

In fact it wouldn’t be out of the way to postulate that many music fans stateside may actually believe that she is a Latina. This is because Rosalía has teamed up with the likes of Ozuna, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, in addition to being associated with American hip-hop artists like Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. 

Is “La Fama” Rosalía’s first collaboration with The Weeknd?

No. She has actually worked with Canadian singer The Weeknd before. Their collaboration occurred on a 2020 remix of his 2019 hit “Blinding Lights“. 

So “La Fama” marks their second official collaboration between the two of them.

Facts about “La Fama”

Sony Music Entertainment in collaboration with Columbia Records released this song on the 11th of November 2021.

To note, “La Fama” is rendered entirely in Spanish. And whereas The Weeknd is in fact a Canadian who traces his parentage back to Ethiopiait was reported that he began taking Spanish lessons in 2017. This was round the time he was dating Selena Gomez, who is part Mexican. Either way he has sung completely in Spanish before, on Maluma’s 2020 Hawái (Remix).

The producers of “La Fama” are as follows –

  • Sky Rompiendo
  • Tainy
  • El Guincho

The aforementioned trio are also given songwriting credit alongside the following names:

  • Noah Goldstein
  • David Rodriguez
  • Sir Dylan
  • Frank Dukes
  • Rosalía
  • The Weeknd

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