Meaning of “Trust Issues” by Drake

Drake delves into themes of trust, vulnerability, and the complexities of relationships, both romantic and platonic in “Trust Issues”. The song explores the anxieties that come with success and fame, including doubts about the loyalty and sincerity of the people around him.

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The lyrics reveal a narrative of a person who has faced betrayal and is now grappling with “trust issues,” finding it difficult to fully trust people in his life. This includes relationships with significant others, where the fears of infidelity and dishonesty are present. The recurring line “You know what I’m sipping, I’ll teach you how to mix it” might be seen as an attempt to build trust through shared experiences and openness, but it also carries a note of self-medication as a way to cope with the emotional turmoil described in the song.

Moreover, it paints a portrait of a complex inner world, where trust is not given easily, and relationships are navigated with caution and a degree of skepticism. The reflective and somewhat melancholy tone of the song allows listeners to enter the introspective space of someone trying to find genuine connections in a world where trust is a fragile commodity.

It’s a candid exploration of the emotional toll that comes with fame and success, showing a more vulnerable side of the artist. It embodies the struggle to maintain authenticity and real connections in a landscape characterized by superficial relationships and ulterior motives.

“Oh-woah, trust issues
Oh-woah, woah, woah, woah”

When was “Trust Issues” released?

On 21st June, 2011, “Trust Issues” was released on Drake’s first compilation album, “Care Package”. It was the fourth track on the album.

Written by

Drake co-wrote this track with:

  • T-Minus
  • Rick Ross
  • 40
  • Nikhil Seetharam
  • DJ Khaled
  • Lil Wayne

Produced by

The team of producers for “Trust Issues” consisted of:

  • Adrian X
  • Nikhil Seetharam
  • T-Minus
  • 40
Trust Issues

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