“Rich Flex” by Drake & 21 Savage

Unlike the title (“Rich Flex”) implies, Drizzy and Savage don’t really use this song to speak too much to their wealth. Instead 21, in his usual NSFW, don’t-give-AF style, utilizes his verse largely in the name of highlighting his sex life, in which he does a sound job in presenting himself as someone who does not have any genuine concern for his romantic interests. 

Secondly he brings it to his opps by inferring that they are not as inclined to go all the way, i.e. resort to the gat, as he is.

Drake’s verse is also braggadocious, of course, though he isn’t as directly confrontational as his co-star. Instead, his approach is more along the lines of using his indisputable-celebrity standing as a basis for insinuating that he’s superior to others. 

Also, honestly being the more-skilled lyrics of the two, Drizzy is able to take his rap to other levels, such as engaging in a bit of numerology, in a manner of speaking. And he also gives a poetic shoutout to the late Kobe Bryant, who wasn’t particularly close to Drake. But since the rapper is a well-known NBA fan, of course he loved Bryant like everyone else did, on top of personally meeting him at least once.


So it can be said that this song is a proper opening to the album “Her Loss”, as it is exactly what we would expect from a teaming up of these two artists. Both Drake and 21 represent in their respective fashions – Savage through painfully blunt, street-oriented wording and Drizzy via exceptional lyricism. And in the first part of this song, it is strongly implied that the title of the album is meant to be a jab at the ex-girlfriends of the vocalists.

Drake & 21 Savage, "Rich Flex" Lyrics

Drake and 21 Savage

For the record Drake, who was born in 1986 and is 36 as of the release of Rich Flex, is six years older than 21 Savage, who came into the world in 1992 and is concurrently 30. 

The former has also been musically active in a professional capacity for about a decade longer and is, as you likely already know, one of the most-successful rappers in industry history. 

Meanwhile, Savage scored quite a few multi-platinum hit during the late 2010s and Sneakin’, his first collaboration with Drake that came out during that era, also did quite well for itself. 

To note, there are a couple of unreleased songs upon which both Drizzy and 21 participated. But as for official collaborations, besides for “Sneakin’”, Drake also featured Savage on his 2021 track “Knife Talk”. He also featured him on “Jimmy Cooks“, a track that came out earlier in 2022.

In the case of “Rich Flex”, 21 Savage is not a featured artist but rather a co-headliner with Drake. 

Release of “Rich Flex”

“Rich Flex” was formally released on 4 November 2022. It is the opening song from the playlist of a collaborative album Savage and Drake dropped together called “Her Loss”. The album was put out through the following labels:

  • Republic Records
  • Drake’s OVO Sound
  • Savage’s Slaughter Gang label, which is affiliated with Sony and Epic

Credits for “Rich Flex”

Tenured hip-hop musician Birdman provided additional vocals to this track, as did 21 Savage’s cousin, Young Nudy.

There are a plethora of artists credited with writing this song. That would include, first and foremost, the two vocalists as well as the track’s producers. The producers are as follows:

  • Vinylz
  • Tay Keith
  • BoogzDaBeat
  • FNZ (Finatik and Zac)

Then we have Megan Thee Stallion alongside Bobby Sessions and J. White Did It, i.e. the team that authored Megan’s 2020 track “Savage“, which is interpolated into “Rich Flex”. 

Also utilized is a song T.I. came out with back in 2003 called “24’s”, so he and its other author, DJ Toomp, are acknowledged. 

And for whatever respective reasons, Simon Plummer, Beam, Gladys Hayes and Charles Bernstein are also recognized as writers of this song.

Rich Flex

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