“Let Down” by Paris Jackson

The way this relatively-terse narrative reads is if it is centered on an on-again/off-again relationship the singer is in. However, in that regard, this does not come off as your usual case of being in love with a noncommittal partner. Rather it sounds like the addressee is quite abusive not only to the singer but also himself. But more to the point is the fact that he holds a special place in the vocalist’s life. 

So when he does commit an act which proves to be destructive towards their relationship, she is totally devastated. Yet and still ‘letting her down’ is his modus operandi. So it appears that for the foreseeable future the singer will remain caught up in this toxic relationship.

“Let Down” is the first solo track to ever be released by Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson (1958-2009). At the time of the release, the singer is 22 years old and already has a brief musical career under her belt as part of a duo called The Soundflowers. This song came out on the date of 30 October 2020, which was the same day Jackson signed with the label behind it, Republic Records. It is the lead single from an album Paris Wilted album.

Paris Jackson wrote this song herself. And its producer is one Andy Hull, the lead musician from a rock group called Manchester Orchestra.

The music video to this track was guided by a director named Meredith Alloway. And it has been described as being “filled with horror and gore”.

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