“Toosie Slide” by Drake

“Toosie Slide” finds rapper Drake boasting to the world that he’s an absolutely great dancer. And in doing so, he likens his remarkable dancing skills to that of the iconic American singer and dancer Michael Jackson.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Drake's Toosie Slide at Lyrics.org.

But what exactly is the meaning of “Toosie Slide”?

Actually the term “Toosie” is named after professional dancer and renowned social media personality Toosie. Actually about a day or two before the official release of the song, Toosie himself shared a video on Twitter of himself dancing along to this song. Shortly after the video was posted, it began making waves all over social media (especially on TikTok).


All in all, “Toosie Slide” is not just the title of this song but it is also the name of a dance. And in the song’s chorus, Drake actually explains to the listeners how to go about doing the moves. And the moves are quite easy to do. All one needs to do is follow the following steps/instructions:

Lyrics of "Toosie Slide"

The dancers who created the “Toosie Slide” dance

This song and dance partly went viral thanks to four dancers (including Toosie). The other three are: Teo, Hiii Key and Ayo. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Toosie said Drake contacted him prior to completing the song and told him that he needed his help. He revealed that at that time, Drake had only a verse and a hook for the song and wanted him to create a dance for the song.

According to Toosie, he subsequently teamed up with his dancer friends (Ayo, Key and Teo) to create the dance (which they did “pretty fast”).

Actually, within just about 45 minutes, the four had created the dance and sent Drake a rough video of them dancing to it. Interestingly enough, that same video made it into the official music video of “Toosie Slide”.

The quartet went on to use their social media influence to create a viral dance challenge which shares the same name as the song. And this was a few days before Drake and his team officially released the song. Actually it was from the viral dance challenge that song’s title was derived.

Writing Credits for “Toosie Slide”

The official writing credits for “Toosie Slide” go to Drake and the song’s producer OZ. Despite the aformentioned dancers creating the dance, they played no role in the penning of the song. This isn’t the first time that Drake has worked with OZ. Prior to “Toosie Slide”, the pair collaborated on multiple projects, including the following:

Writing Credits

Drake officially dropped “Toosie Slide” on the 3rd of April, 2020. It will appear on Drake’s upcoming sixth studio album.

Chart Success

Drake scored an American number 1 single with “Toosie Slide”. He also replicated the same feat in the UK, Ireland, Greece, etc.

United Kingdom#1
United States of America#1
New Zealand#1

The single also experienced huge success in these countries too:

CountriesPeak Position
Czech Republic#5

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