“Lie Lie Lie” by Joshua Bassett

Lyrically Joshua Bassett’s “Lie Lie Lie” is terse, but at the same time there is a lot being said. As a premise, we know from Joshua’s Bassett’s own description of the meaning that it is about a close associate who ‘had been lying about him behind his back’. From the lyrics themselves, we can see that said individual, the addressee, is not only a female but also akin to a former romantic interest. 

Indeed it is such sheisty behavior which is compelling the singer to “kiss (her) a*s goodbye”. And concerning said behavior, once again what the singer is insinuating is that this lady has a habit of spreading falsehoods about him. Moreover he presents her as somewhat of a habitual liar, i.e. someone who lies to him also. So conclusively, he is fed up with the situation and accordingly has decided to cut her off.

Facts about “Lie Lie Lie” by Joshua Bassett

The official release date of this song is 14 January 2021. However, fans of Joshua Bassett have known about it for some time, as he had revealed it to them (in unfinished form) back in April of 2020.

It has been speculated that “Lie Lie Lie” may serve as part of a love-triangle drama that has apparently developed between Bassett, his coworker Olivia Rodrigo and the lady who seems to be his actual romantic interest as of the release of this tune, Sabrina Carpenter. 

Indeed the issuance of this track comes just a few days after Rodrigo dropped her own song, “Drivers License“, pointing to this same dilemma. And there is apparently evidence in “Driver’s License” which implies that “Lie Lie Lie” may actually be about Rodrigo. And this is despite the composition of the latter seemingly predating the former.

“Lie Lie Lie” was both written and produced by Bassett, who is known primarily as a (musical) actor. It is believed that this track will be featured on his debut album, which at the time of the song’s release remains untitled.

The Love Triangle Between Olivia, Joshua and Carpenter

This whole dilemma can be traced back to the working relationship between Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett. As of 2019 they have both been the stars of a Disney+ show entitled “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. Moreover they portray the roles of romantic interests on the show. And somewhere along the line, fandom started speculating that the two were actually dating in real life.

That theory has never been confirmed. However, since then another, seemingly more-verifiable rumor has Joshua dating a singer by the name of Sabrina Carpenter. And everything was all well and good until Rodrigo dropped the song “Drivers License” in early January, 2021.

“Drivers License” and “Lie Lie Lie”

On said track, she is basically beefing about her boyfriend dumping her for another lady.  And there is lyrical evidence pointing to the notion that she may well be talking about Joshua/Sabrina. Then shortly thereafter Bassett came out with his own song entitled “Lie Lie Lie”. And if you want to take it there is also a clue, in “Drivers License” actually, implying that said song may be about Rodrigo. And just to note, Rodrigo’s track turned out to be a major hit. So as long as this love triangle proves to be profitable, whether it is real or not we have not likely heard the last of it.

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