“Only a Matter of Time” by Joshua Bassett

“Only a Matter of Time” is similar in sentiment to another track Joshua Bassett dropped earlier in 2021 entitled “Lie Lie Lie“.  In fact it can be deduced that he is actually speaking to the same exact addressee. And the reason why this is important to mention from the onset is because many people feel that said addressee would be one Olivia Rodrigo, the actress/singer who costars alongside Bassett on a television show called High School Musical. More specifically, the two of them are allegedly caught up in a love triangle along with another musician, Sabrina Carpenter, who is also said to be a romantic interest of Joshua’s. And this whole drama has been one of the most-trending stories in the American entertainment industry as of early 2021.

On this song, as with “Lie Lie Lie”, the singer is accusing the person he is singing to of “lying on (his) name”. And once again, it can be gleaned that he feels betrayed and accordingly pissed off. On the previous track, Joshua’s reaction was simply to cut her off. But now he takes things a step further by wishing that karma catches up with her. And it is such an idea from which the title of this song is based, that “it’s only a matter of time” before she pays for her sheisty actions. For instance, he anticipates that eventually this person will be “drowning in regret”. Furthermore, at least for the time being, he is not personally seeking vengeance. Rather the vocalist is confident, once again, that the yin and yang of the universe, if you will, will deal with this lady accordingly.

Lyrics of "Only a Matter of Time"

Is this song really addressing Olivia Rodrigo?

Now logically speaking, it can be said that this song has nothing to do with the aforementioned love triangle since its composition predates the drama itself. Or at least that’s the conclusion that some analysts have come to. And such is also the case, from a timeline standpoint, with “Lie Lie Lie”. But at the same time there have been rumors of Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo going out with each other which date back to at least early 2020. So even if Joshua did write this song(s) before Sabrina Carpenter got in the mix it can still, hypothetically, be about his relationship with Rodrigo. But either way, we can see that the youngster had at least one person in his life during that time who he strongly felt mistreated him.

Writing Credits for “Only a Matter of Time”

Joshua Bassett co-wrote and co-produced this song. He wrote it during summertime, 2020. He went on to further elaborate that during that season he disassociated himself from social media and things of the such and focused on songwriting. Also, he further insinuated that the person whom this song is about may have spread rumors about him via the internet.

The other co-writer of this song is Amy Wadge, and the second co-producer is Jake Gosling.

When did Joshua release “Only a Matter of Time”?

This track came out as a standalone single, via Warner Records, on 28 January 2021. And it is to be included on Joshua’s debut EP.

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